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Know Everything You Need To about Online Slot Machines

Updated on March 6, 2013

In online casinos, slot machines are more popular than any other gambling game. There are several websites that offer a wide range of online slot machine games. You can use real money and get a real kick by playing slots right from the comfort of your home. Let us get you familiar with how to go about playing slot machines online. A classic slot machine has one slot and three reels with one pay line. The highest wager is that of three coins. A multi-spin slot machine requires the player to make a bet and await the results on the lowest pay line. After this, he is allowed to hold one or more reels and spin again so that the unheld reels bring in new results.

Online Slot Types

3 Reel Slots are of five kinds - classic, progressive, multiline, bonus and video. Each of these can be played free of cost or for money, except the progressive kind. Once you download the casino software, you can play the slots. You make a bet and click on the spin button and once the reels stop spinning, you either win or lose. If your combination shows three similar symbols, you win.

5 Reel Slots offer pay lines between 5 and 60 and in some places you will find pay lines up to 100. The 5 reel slot machines are a lot more popular than the 3 reel. They are video slots and have background stories. Sometimes, they also have bonus round features. Before you click on spin, you make a wager. The pay lines determine the number of coins. You need not bet on all pay lines but you could if you wanted to. A set combination will give you a jackpot. Most online slot machines allow players to try out the slots for free, unless of course it is a progressive slot.

What are Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots are those games that have a progressive jackpot, which is formed of a share from each bet played on that one slot. Players from different casinos in different parts of the world can play on the same slot and a certain percentage from each bet adds up to the total jackpot amount. This amount grows very fast and continues to till someone wins it. The total amount will be displayed on top of the online slot machine.

What are Bonus Slots?

Bonus slots are those that offer a bonus game feature that you can play on the reels or on a second screen. After you complete a certain number of rounds, you get a free bonus to play something else like Nudge, Hold and Shifta or Pick an Item. Upon winning you can continue with the online slot machines and upon losing you can still do the same.

Truth versus Myth

The truth is that even though casinos across the world are multi-million dollar businesses, every regular chap can play. Unlike what the movies show, you need not throw away stashes of money at an online slot machine. You can start small and increase the wagers depending on the money you make or stick to a certain amount even after hitting a jackpot.


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