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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough: BBQ Fire Locations

Updated on April 4, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase McCain wears many masks during his time in LEGO City Undercover, and one of the most versatile among them is that of the Firefighter. Not only can he bash in doors with his axe and rescue cats with smelly fish, he can use his fire extinguisher to put out fires. In many cases these are BBQ fires, and each one he puts out will earn him a Gold Brick. This article covers the locations of all seventeen BBQ fires in LEGO City Undercover.

Cherry Tree Hills

Much of your time in Cherry Tree Hills is spent navigating the back yards of unsuspecting property owners. In one of them - it sits not far from the Police Station, near the beginning of the Free Run course - is a BBQ fire. Check back yards in the core of the district and you'll find it fast enough.


Though it's largely ignored in favour of the docks, Auburn has a sizable beach near the giant hill that separates it and Cherry Tree Hill. The BBQ fire is on this beach.

Fort Meadows

You'll find this BBQ fire on the farm where you receive your farmer overalls. Look off to the right of the Bluebell National Park entrance to the farmstead to find it.

Bluebell National Park

Bluebell Mine sits along a rocky cliff with a dirt road that eventually leads to Barry's Dojo. Along this small road is a campsite. The BBQ fire sits in this campsite. Keep your eyes open for tents.

Festival Square

Across from Festival Square's Fire Department is a small tower festooned with bright lights. Once you've located the tower, look at the park just across the street. The BBQ fire waits for you here.


In the middle of Pagoda is a series of close-knit buildings with an intersection of alleyways between them. You can find the BBQ fire for this district in this intersection.

Bright Lights Plaza

You'll likely find this one as you progress through the storyline, as it's sitting atop Ellie's apartment building. You have to drop Natalia off up here after saving her at Mercy Hearts Hospital. In case you missed it, you'll find the building at the north end of Bright Lights Plaza, to the right of the giant disco building that dominates the scenery.

Crescent Park

Near the border Crescent Park shares with Uptown is a small playground full of children's play equipment. The BBQ fire is a short walk from this playground.

LEGO City Airport

Though it seems more like the property of Uptown, there's a small park on the border of Uptown in the shadow of a building with a BBQ fire. Look for the large, bricked-in square where you delivered Moe the first time you met him - the park is just across the street.

The Airport has a second BBQ fire beyond the fences of the main terminal. Check the walls of the western wing of the terminal for the fire; it's nestled safely near a red plane.


There's a lengthy stretch of buildings that run along the inner edge of Fresco, from one end of the district to the other. At the Paradise Sands end this line bends into an alley. Up this alley you'll find a set of stairs between two buildings. The BBQ fire is hidden up here.

Paradise Sands

Paradise Sands is cut roughly in half by the Crosstown Tunnel. The BBQ fire sits on the northern side of this tunnel, a short jaunt from the road and against a building that's set against the cliffs.

Kings Court

Near Kings Court's border with Fresco is a cluster of four buildings. Most of the important stuff here is on the rooftops, but if you drop into the basketball court in the midst of these buildings you'll see the BBQ fire off to one side.


Have a look around Downtown's waterfront for a prominent, hard-to-miss Pig Cannon. The BBQ Fire is blazing away near this cannon.

Albatross Prison

Remember when you were trying to get into the prison and you had to beat up a bunch of prisoners for a basketball? The BBQ fire is sitting in the small court where you fought the off.

Apollo Island

Off to the side of the Space Centre is a second-rate circus with a few mundane attractions. The BBQ fire is among them.

Lady Liberty Island

The last BBQ fire on the list is also the easiest to find by far. When you hop out of the warp pipe that shoots you into Lady Liberty Island in the first place you'll see the BBQ fire almost straight ahead.

And what do you get for being a good Samaritan and extinguishing all of these out-of-control fires? Nothing less than the Forest Fireman outfit, a nicely-appropriate little number for one so diligently dedicated to fire safety. Also? Gold Brick. Bravo.


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