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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Eighteen: Back on the Case

Updated on March 22, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

After a thoroughly-dull time on the Hayes Farm, Chase McCain is back on the criminal trail… by yet again becoming a criminal himself. This time he's stealing a T.Rex for Vinnie Pappalardo, and the Lego City Museum is the victim.

Make tracks to the Museum. The only way in is through the roof, and the only way to the roof is by flying from the Art Gallery via a Chicken Glide spot. Drive over, use the red pot to make a vine wall, and climb up to the second-floor room full of Color Swappers. The Green Color Swapper will open the door.

Studs aside, there's nothing to see around the edges of the Gallery's second floor balcony. Use the red pots to ascend to the third level, where you'll find three fans. Bash them to get a good collection of bricks and assemble those bricks into a giant, working fan you can use to get higher. Tap B along the slanted rooftop and finish constructing the climbing wall at the top.

You're now at the peak of the Art Gallery. Here's the moment of truth. Use the Chicken Glide spot to create a path of boost circles all the way to the Museum. It's not a difficult trip - just don't let go of the B button. Fall or miss a circle and you'll have to climb the Art Gallery again.

Ahh, the Museum roof. Head to the left wall to find scaleable bricks. (You can also drop onto a ledge to the right of these bricks and edge along the side of the Museum to find the Mike Northeast collectible.) Climb to the top of the tower here to find a Super Brick and the door into the Museum….

… but first, have a quick look around. If you look towards Bluebell National Park you might notice something on the Museum's big, green dome: no less than one of the pigs you were tasked with finding by Farmer Hayes. You can get at the pig by Chicken Gliding down to the upper roof and checking the beige, angled section of roof on the left side. There's a set of handles here that will get you up to a wire you can cross to get to the pig. Unfortunately, the Pig Cannon is not up here, and you'll have to redo everything you've just done to send the pig back to the farm. You might just want to leave this pig until later.

(You can also questionably get at a bunch of other buildings from here, and if you look across the street you'll see a Super Brick you can easily collect by floating down onto it. Again, you'll have to start all over to snag this little gem, which probably isn't worth the bother right now.)

Either way, your destination is the bust-in point atop the museum's tower. Get inside and you'll start up a new special assignment: the Colossal Fossil Hustle.


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