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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Eleven: All in the Family

Updated on March 21, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Now that's he's enjoyed a stint as a car thief with Chan Chuang, Chase is off to get in good with a new gang, that of Vinnie Pappalardo. To do it Chase has to spring Pappalardo's cousin Moe from a soon-to-be jail sentence, which means going up against his fellow cops…

Make your way back to the police station and check the rear of the building. A mechanic named Chuck has a Prison Transport Chase can borrow, but he wants a favour first. Pick up the box here and take it into the garage to assemble Chuck's motorcycle for him. It's still missing wheels, unfortunately, so you'll have to hunt around for a pair.

One is down on the dock. You'll find a fishing rod you can assemble. Use it to reel in the first wheel. (You can also take out some crates down here and find a Scan Spot that will lead you to a Super Brick.)

The other is in the back of the police station. Break in with your crowbar and create a ladder on the left side of the enclosure to reach the second wheel. You can also grab a Super Brick while you're up here.

After getting both of the wheels Chuck will ask you to take the motorcycle for a spin around the city. The course isn't too difficult, so long as you mind that the arrows point to (roughly) the next waypoint in the line. Keep to the green studs and you shouldn't have any trouble. The worst corner here is down by the docks, and it's not so bad if you're prepared. Completing this will unlock Time Trials around LEGO City.

It will also net you that Prison Transport Chase wanted. Hop in the truck and drive it to the Courthouse in Kings Court, preferably in one piece. (You should find one new Super Build on the way, as well.) Once you get there you'll have to escort Moe through several neighbourhoods teeming with cops; these guys can be somewhat tough, as they like to fly into you in squads of two or three. In open areas it's safer to stick to the sidewalks than to try for the roads. You have a long way to go and not much health, so be careful.

Moe has an idea shortly after he takes off: steal some incoming high-tech gizmos at the LEGO City Airport. Track down a new car and zip over to the Airport, which is just around the corner from the safe house. Moe will present you with a new car when you arrive, and the truck you have to stop will zip by. Hop in the car and give chase.

The first half of this pursuit is surprisingly tricky, as the truck goes at the same top speed as your car. You'll have to cut across islands and ignore normal rules of the road to catch up with it. Bash it a few times once you get close enough and the driver will abandon the thing. Hop in and follow the green studs to the next waypoint, deep in Paradise Sands. The truck's handling is abysmal, but the path is largely straight and the cops usually come at you one at a time, so it's not that tough to make the trip. Be careful as you get to the end - the waypoint is inside a parking lot, requiring a steep left turn that's easy to miss. (Keep your eyes open along the way for a Super Build.)

Vinnie, happy to see his cousin Moe out of trouble, immediately gives Chase an assignment: steal a massive emerald from the LEGO City Bank. Hopefully this is worth all the trouble…


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