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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part One: New Faces and Old Enemies

Updated on April 6, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover begins with the arrival of one Chase McCain, expert cop and the only hope for a metropolis gone mad. Met at the port by Mayor Gleeson, McCain learns that one Rex Fury, bane of suburbia, is at large. McCain has to stop the madman before his crime spree gets out of hand!

As the game begins you find yourself at the port of LEGO City. You can explore the port and some of the nearby neighbourhoods with impunity at this point, though Chase doesn't have the abilities to explore them in their entirety just yet, so don't bother delving too deeply into the back alleys. The only things you'll be collecting at the moment are studs, which come in three varieties: silver, gold, and blue. Silver gives you ten studs, gold gives you one hundred, blue one thousand. Collect these whenever you get a chance (they're all over the place, and they regenerate constantly) to buy upgrades later in the game.

Your first mission is to make your way to the police station, which is easy enough once you hop in your car at the end of the pier. Follow the trail of green studs and you'll find the way to the police station easily enough. Note that you can 'confiscate' cars from other people by hitting X, both inside and out of your car, and that unlike other open world games there is no penalty for doing this. Indeed, there are benefits to causing mayhem in LEGO City. Careful driving is important eventually, but not at this point.

Drive into the light at the end of the trail of studs to meet up with Frank Honey, a bumbling police officer who will serve as a guide to the police department and all-around nutbar. (He's a very strange man.) You'll also meet Natalia, another major player in the story.

Once the story segment's done you'll have to clean up after Frank. Bash up the fixtures down here if you want to collect some bricks, then approach the computer monitor at the far end of the room and hold down A to repair it. Follow Frank onto the elevator to the right and, after meeting Police Chief Dunby, you'll wind up in the basement.

Follow Frank around the top floor and to the left. He'll knock a bunch of boxes down into the gym area. Check out the machines down here - they all have simple button-tapping games that will earn you studs - and check out the boxes as Frank suggested. Bust through them and assemble what you find to get the Chase McCain (Police) outfit, which you can change into by holding X. That done, follow Frank upstairs to meet another member of the team, Ellie. She'll give you a police communicator that you'll use for a great deal of navigational work.

Check out the main computer upstairs to update your communicator. While it gets updated, you have a new problem: Chief Dunby's locked in his office and he's napping. Follow Frank upstairs and you'll get a message from Ellie who will unlock Detective Scan via your communicator. Use it near the chief's office and it will lead you to the right side of the building, where you can find the key in a small shelving unit. Use the key to unlock the office, then bash his cabinet up and reassemble it into a stereo. This will trigger the long-awaited briefing and establish your objective: catching Rex Fury. Many jokes follow, and you get your first mission: stop a rowdy bunch of clowns from robbing a bank. Chase McCain is on the case!


Once you've completed LEGO City Undercover, and at several points during the storyline, you can return to the police station and access new areas and items with your upgraded abilities. Here's a list of what you can do in each area of the station.


  • There are two boxes marked with police badges in the Lobby, one on either side of the bottom floor. Bash them open to find pieces for portraits you can assemble. Then bash up the two book shelves on either side of the main computer to find more portrait pieces. All four assembled will earn you a Gold Brick.
  • On the left side of the main computer is a dynamite vending machine. On the right is a shiny pile of bricks. Put two and two together and you'll find a Gold Brick.

Briefing Room

  • The projector in this room will replay any cut scenes you've already seen during the story.
  • A popcorn vendor up here will give you a Super Brick.
  • You can break into a side room with a crowbar and find a box of bricks. Take the box to the green patch on the left side of the stage to assemble a box of donuts. Once a police officer samples the donuts you'll get a Super Brick.


  • At Ellie's desk you can unlock costumes you've collected, and in the room beside her desk you can customize your outfits to look completely different than their base forms. Talking to her will also unlock Disguise Booths around the city.
  • Once you have the Grapple Gun you can use it to get to Chuck's desk via the grapple point near the elevator. (You can also get to a Super Brick by going right along the air duct.) Here you can unlock vehicles you found in other levels as collectibles. There's a Gold Brick in a box by his desk.
  • Behind Chuck's desk is a safe containing a key card. Use it to unlock the elevator to your left. Up here you can find the Red Brick Shop, where you can unlock Red Brick powers with studs, and, past a fuse box, a Gold Brick Shop where you can purchase up to sixteen more Gold Bricks for your collection. You can also find two Gold Bricks in the crate beside the two computers.
  • There's a Gold Brick in the boarded-up room on the main walkway to the left of Ellie's desk.
  • Trash the furniture on the left side of the line-up room where you can change your outfit to find a Gold Brick.


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