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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Twenty-Eight: Savings and Loans

Updated on March 26, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Forrest Blackwell is mad! He plans on taking Blackwell Tower into space, and if he does he'll fry everyone gathered at the base of the tower! Chase has to get to Professor Kowalski's lab at Auburn Docks and get his 'magic bubble machine' before it's too late!

You have five minutes to get from the Helipad to the professor's lab, and the only means of transportation you have is a Swooper. Despite this seeming like the best mode of transportation, helicopters require a fair bit of practice to master. You're better off jumping off of the Helipad, finding a swift vehicle (a motorcycle is best, as you can weave through traffic more easily) and make a mad dash for the lab. You'll have plenty of time to spare.

Frank will show up, and the two of you will have to drive trucks to the base of Blackwell Tower. Kowalski's Shifters have decent handling, but they're a bit sluggish on turns. Let off the gas completely whenever making a tight turn and keep your eyes on the green studs. As you get further into the city you'll find it harder and harder to track the things. You only have three minutes, but this should be more than ample time.

When you arrive, Kowalski will ask you to build all four bubble generators, one on each corner of Blackwell Tower, in three minutes. Finding them is easy; taking out the two Sentinels guarding each machine in time is not. There are two ways to do this.

First is the normal way. If you're straight-out fighting the guys, always go for the stronger guards (the ones with bare arms) first. The last guy left at a fight scene is always the hardest to defeat, and you'll have a much easier time if you're not fighting the strong ones.

The second is the cheap way. Loop around the machine once you have both Sentinels on your tail and get them stuck on the big statues sitting beside the machines. If you angle their attack vector properly they'll get stuck every time. This tends to work better when there's only one left, so you'll still have to do some fighting either way.

Machines up or not, Blackwell Tower's core will take off into space. Chase has to get after him - and there's only one place he can go to get the equipment he needs. To Apollo Island! It's time for Chase to go Far Above the Call of Duty!

Drive to the waypoint on Apollo Island once you arrive. Turns out the Space Shuttle hasn't actually been built yet, and they need Chase to gather the bricks for a Super Build… no less than 50,000. Yikes. This will take some doing.

Climb onto the structure to the left of the Super Build, grapple to the second storey, and jet to the left. Complete the space crate puzzle to make a Super Brick appear above you. Use the flagpole to the right to reach a higher level and go back left to get the brick. Before you continue climbing from here, run back to the right and fall down one storey, on top of the enclosure, to find a break-in point. Inside is a second Super Brick. Grab it and hit the switch in here to get back outside.

Run up the ramp nearby that leads to the right. A teleporter at the top will zip you straight into another Super Brick. Take the teleporter back after and return to the place where you got the first Super Brick. Climb the structure and tightrope across the narrow brick pathway at the top to find another Super Brick. Keep going past it and wall jump up to another ledge. Run right from here and climb the long pole up to the very top of the structure, where the last Super Brick awaits.

Groovy! 50,000 bricks, piece of cake. Use them on the Super Build to create the Space Shuttle, which will earn you the Spaceman collectible and a Gold Brick. Now all you have to do is climb the superstructure again and get on board. Off to the moon!


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