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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Two: Cherry Tree Bank Robbery

Updated on March 19, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

After a few years of being away, detective Chase McCain is back in LEGO City. His job? Catch ne'er-do-well Rex Fury, the head of a crime wave sweeping across the city. There's even a robbery in progress at Cherry Tree Bank. Get on it, McCain!

Cherry Tree Bank is just down the street from the police station. Hop in your car after setting your next destination and drive over. You may want to pick up a vehicle with better handling on the way, as you're about to get into a high-speed chase against… a bunch of clowns? Eh, whatever.

The chase isn't too bad. Check your map to follow the progress of the getaway vehicle, use your boost to keep up with the maniac, and ram the van into complete disassembly. After the van goes down, hop out and chase the guy on foot. Given that he has a green afro, he's pretty easy to spot. Running over the clown and then hopping out of your car is an easy way to keep him from speeding off too far.

Once the clown is down you'll get a call from Ellie, saying that the next clown is at the Red Tree Café. Use your police whistle (L button) to stop the nearby cars and hop in a new one, if necessary. Follow the studs on the road. Ellie will unlock Criminal Scan once you're on the roof. Check the indicated spot on the roof to turn the scan on, and check the man sitting down and to the right on your scanner to find your criminal. After scanning, hop off the roof, go up the vine that's just been planted across the street, and approach the storage shed the clown's hiding in.

He'll manage to get away, but he'll mock you from a higher level you can't reach. Grab the crate of pieces from the shed and take them to the green plate on the left side of the yard. You can assemble a springy mushroom to jump up. The guy will bust the next way up, but you can regrow the vine he destroyed by checking the shining spot, entering Detective Scan, and checking to the left for a valve wheel. Attach it to the valve to get the water running, then run along the hose line and bust obstructions until the water makes a nice new set of vines for you. After that, chase the guy down the old fashioned way.

He'll tell you that the last clown is at the docks. Grab a vehicle and race down the hill to the water's edge. Get on top of the crates to your right and use Criminal Scan to ID the dancing guy on the cargo ship as the last clown. Now you need a way in, and a dock worker nearby will help you out by asking you to do him a favour. Get on top of his forklift and use it to get inside the building with the lock that will open the nearby gate.

A dock worker inside will agree to help you get on the ship, but first he needs his, uh, 'samwich' back. Check the glowing spot to turn on Detective Scan and follow it a short ways up the pier, where you'll find a seagull with the pilfered sandwich. Take it back to the worker and he'll whistle up a lift to get you onto the ship. After that you just need to chase the guy down and bring him to justice.

Dunby's still not pleased in the aftermath of the arrests, and he orders McCain off to the Auburn Bay Bridge, which is apparently roadblocked at the moment. Hop in a car and zip there for a climactic moment with Natalia that will bring McCain into a new area and a whole new set of troubles.


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