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LEGO Duplo Building Blocks

Updated on August 18, 2015


The Lego Group didn't think that it was fair that only older kids got to play with LEGO building bricks, so in the 1970s, they created larger LEGO bricks that fit for smaller hands. Duplos look just like their smaller counterpart and they're even compatible with the smaller LEGO blocks, but they're just fit for small hands.

Duplos have always been a favorite in my family, and they've been one of my younger brother's favorite toys. Duplos are great for church nurseries, school classrooms, and home play rooms. Children can actually learn stacking skills, as well as colors and coordination by building with these blocks.

These bricks come on red, yellow, white, blue, black, and green. As for their shape, it's pretty much the same as the regular LEGOs- 4x2, 2x2, and 8x2, as well as 4x2 bridges, 6x2 and 4x2 wagon bases, and the building plate. The black 2x2 duplo with the eye on two sides, is common in most sets, as is the 2x2 curved brick, and the 4x2 flat brick. Some of the Lego Duplo sets even have faces that have a 2x2 base and 2x2 top.

Lego Duplos are sturdy building blocks are truly made for small hands. They fit together easily and encourage children to build, stack, and sort the blocks, which can entertain them for hours. Some of them may stick tight when building, so some children may have a hard time taking a part their masterpieces. It's nothing that an adult hand couldn't fix.

The sets have advanced throughout the years. They once contained pure building blocks, but now many of the Duplo sets contain figures that can be attached to the bricks. It's wasn't fair that the regular Lego sets have figures when their larger version doesn't, so you can find little girls, boys, dogs, cats, and other figures in some of the sets.

Legos for Young Kids

The Duplos building bricks help build the imagination of children. They can just dive into a basic set and build whatever they want to build, letting their imagination get the best of them, or they can dive into a set with a set them. Some of the Duplo sets have a them, such as a town scene, farm, zoo, police station, fire station, airplane, train, castle, pirate, and doll house.

Lego Duplo has also been licensed with Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train and Friends. It's just a matter of time before some of the other popular children's characters are licensed to the Lego Group for Duplo sets.

Those sets that have designed themes, may contain Duplo people and characters, which have moveable heads, arms, and legs. The Duplo people were made to look like the smaller Lego figures, but unlike the regular figures, the they cannot be taken a part, which makes them much more safer for younger children and smaller hands. The people can be attached to the bricks so that they are stable to the building or scene that the child has made.

Lego Group did not want to keep any aged child in the dark with their Lego toys, which is why Duplo was created. These building bricks are for ages 2 and up. If the child can grip the block, stack, and put together creative statues and scenes, then Duplos building blocks are for them. You still want to be careful of young children putting the blocks in their mouth or trying to chew on them, but when compared to the tiny Lego pieces, Duplos are much safer in the hands of children.

Buy Duplo Lego Set

If you think that a child you know may thoroughly enjoy a set or two of Duplos building bricks, then by all means, check them out. They've been around and have been loved by children for years.

Depending on what set you want to purchase, you'll find that the price will vary. The smaller sets may be about $25, but for more pieces and a few more bucks your child will get that much more of an experience.

Duplos are a great way to get a rambunctious child to sit down, calm down, and play. Each container allows for easy cleanup and a perfect place to store the Duplos bricks. These building blocks help advance any child's imagination. Creativity is very important to a child's development, which is why toys that help get a child's imagination rolling are definitely great to invest in.

As long as you can find the cute Duplo rabbit logo on the box or bucket, then you know the Legos are big enough for your youngster. All you have to do is pick the set that you think the child will like and bring it home.

LEGO Duplo Building Blocks are a great addition to any child's playroom.

Bob the Builder Lego Duplo


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    • neysajasper profile image


      9 years ago

      It is nice toy which is evergreen in demand from childhood to adult you can play and enjoy it.

    • Vizey profile image


      9 years ago

      Nice hub i admire you to again raising child spirit in me and hope in others also.

    • Darren2010 profile image


      9 years ago

      This is the best toy ever! I used to build with lego when I was a kid and spent hours and hours. Great Hub!


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