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LEGO Edna Mode 30615 Polybag Set Review

Updated on July 6, 2020
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As an AFOL, I love talking about, creating and playing with LEGO bricks.

 LEGO Edna Mode 30615 Promotional Polybag
LEGO Edna Mode 30615 Promotional Polybag

Today we will be looking at the Edna Mode Minifigure Promotional Polybag set 30615. This set came out in 2018, has 4 pieces and was designed for people 6 to 12.

Edna E Mode was created to help explain how superheroes get their costumes. This was a topic Incredibles' director Brad Bird felt was rarely developed and wanted to explore. Since superheroes perform a wide variety of physically demanding activities under extreme conditions based on their powers, Edna is not only a fashion Guru, she’s also knowledgeable in science, engineering and technology. This short, confident woman of German Japanese descent would win over audiences with only a few brief scenes. This was in no small part to Bird’s amazing voice over work for the character.

The set came free with purchases of LEGO The Incredibles Video Game. If you look at the bottom left corner of the bag, you will notice the code BRAB1R. This code allowed players to unlock Edna as a playable character within the video game. And now it is available to all of you reading this article or those willing to Google it. As LEGO often does, this clever code is a fun reference to Brad Bird. Whom they were also able to have him reprise his role to voice her in the game.

LEGO The Incredibles 2 Video Game
LEGO The Incredibles 2 Video Game

Once you open the bag, you will notice a small instruction manual to help people assemble this 4 piece minifigure. For those advanced builders not needing directions, They also included an advertisement for 3 more of the LEGO Incredibles sets and some other Junior sets on the other side that you might be interested in purchasing.

LEGO Edna Mode Minifigure PolybagLEGO Edna Mode Minifigure 30615 Polybag Instructions
LEGO Edna Mode Minifigure PolybagLEGO Edna Mode Minifigure 30615 Polybag Instructions

Oddly enough, even though this version of Edna is labeled as the Junior Character in the game and all The Incredible sets at the time were part of the Junior line, this polybag is not a Junior set.

You can’t have an Edna minifigure and use anything but short kid legs. Her short stature, but large personality were comedic gold. Her Torso piece is very similar to the outfit worn in the first Incredibles movie. Since the layering of black fabric is more easily done with computer animation than 2D printing on plastic, LEGO Had to get creative. So they used stripes with different thicknesses and shades of grey to run along the black torso piece. While not an exact match, it does catch Edna’s overall trendsetting style. They were able to add the purple outline at the neckline beautifully. It can even be seen on the back, which is where LEGO tends to get more simple with their printing.

LEGO Edna Mode Minifigure 30615
LEGO Edna Mode Minifigure 30615

I love the head. The hair piece does a great job recreating her Japanese Bob hairstyle. The large round glasses are instantly identifiable to her character. Edna was so animated when she talked that LEGO had a lot of facial expressions to choose from. Sadly they could only pick 2. They went with the evil genius of clothing smile and the what can we do with that outfit expression.

 LEGO Edna Mode Minifigure 30615 Head Piece
LEGO Edna Mode Minifigure 30615 Head Piece

Since this is the first Edna Mode minifigure, this is a great set to have for your collection. This is especially true for fan’s of The Incredibles. Her character is not only unique but it can open up a lot of different options for Incredibles MOC and Stop Motion work. Just remember….No Capes!

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