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Land of Kronos, Fantasy Minecraft Adventure Map Download

Updated on June 29, 2011

Love playing Minecraft adventure maps? The Land of Kronos is an amazing Minecraft fantasy style adventure map complete with towns and entire hand built cities to explore. The sheer amount of effort that has gone into the environments in terms of Minecraft architecture will blow your mind. This is one of the most well made, immersive Minecraft Adventure maps I've ever seen.

You begin your journey in Goldencrest village, a tidy little place that boasts a florist, sweet shop, armorer, blacksmith, clothing store, farm and inn as amenities. That means you'll have plenty of opportunities to stock up on everything you'll need before you go out adventuring. Yes, you're technically looting the homes and businesses of people who aren't there, but if the Zelda franchise taught us anything, its that he or she who is prepared to ransack the home of his friends and neighbors will be rich in rupees.

The problem with such projects is always the lack of NPC's. Whoever creates a programmable NPC mod first is going to be rolling in downloads. Still, in spite of the fact that the Land of Kronos is sadly abandoned, it's still quite fun to adventure around. One of the challenges of the map is in collecting the gold ingots. There are 98 gold ingots in all and though it doesn't really sound like that much fun finding ingots, I actually got quite a kick out of it when I unexpectedly found my first one.

There are spoilers after this point, so skip to the bottom and go to the download page if you want to avoid discovering things you'd rather discover on your own.

In addition to the 'find the ingots' you are also confronted with challenges along the way, challenges Still here? Okay. that require you to do battle in order to unlock rewards and paths forward in the game. The creator of this map, the mysteriously named Benhutchings has done an amazing job of creating challenges for the player to overcome.

The other item rather worth finding was the map. I did wonder, as I wandered around Goldencrest, just how I was going to find my way about the place. The terrain is hilly and dense and somewhat confusing, but the map, ah the map made my my journey's course clear. (To be fair, once I found the path out of town I realized that the map wasn't actually essential at all, but the joy of finding it was no less real.)

What's really rather fun about these fantasy maps is that unlike other games, when its pretty much all over once you've completed the story line, you can settle down and decide to 'live' wherever you want in the game. Once your adventuring is over and you are tired and weary from battle you can decide to stop and build your own little hovel on the outskirts of your favorite town or city.

Download Benhutchings' Land of Kronos Minecraft Adventure Map


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