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Land of Wool Minecraft Survival Map, Complete The Monument Challenge

Updated on November 29, 2011
The land of the wool seems pretty and serene, but it's not all puffy beds and roses here.
The land of the wool seems pretty and serene, but it's not all puffy beds and roses here.

Land of Wool is a complete the monument survival map. It's quite like skyBlock, if SkyBlock were made of wool, and if there were a monument to fill with bits of colored wool. Complete the monument maps always struck me as being a special kind of pointless, but having lost the ability to finish this one, I feel a terrible yearning that I fear may have corrupted me.

So what can you expect from the Land of Wool? There's the usual tree, bucket of lava, block of ice stuff to start off with, plus a bit of grass, a little water and a few stalks of sugar cane. The island is mostly comprised of wool however, which should come as no surprise.

I found out pretty quickly whilst playing this map that tunnels are everywhere. I say this without risk of calling it a spoiler because you're going to discover that the first time you break a couple blocks of wool.

For those not familiar with complete the monument maps, this is the deal. You have to go about finding chests which contain colored wool and then place those colored pieces of wool on a 'monument'. I found the first four or so colored blocks within the first few minutes of playing the map. Before sundown on the first day I had six and I'd also had the experience of battering a creeper with a block of wool, which was strangely effective. I got lulled into a false sense of security, assuming myself to be superior to the map. But when night fell, I learned the error of my ways.

The upper reaches of the map were filled with Endermen, so I took to the bottom to uncover the dungeon, filled with zombies and skeletons. The map doesn't provide you with a lot in the way of resources, but I figured I didn't need to mess around with petty concerns like building shelter or growing food because I'd just go down to the dungeon, knock off the monsters down there and declare myself the winner. It didn't quite work out that way. Armed with my wooden sword, I dropped into the dungeon only to be hit with an arrow, fall backwards off the ledge and plunge into oblivion.

One thing to note about this map: respawning doesn't seem to work at all, so death isn't really an option. The first time I respawned I immediately fell to my death and the second time I ended up on a naturally generated ledge far from the actual map. I'm not sure whether this was done intentionally to dissuade health cheats who die to restock their health bar or whether it was a mere oversight, at any rate, it makes this map a 'one chance only' sort of deal.

Overall, I'd reccomend this map for players looking for a quick and brutal survival experience. It's innovative enough to be interesting, compact enough to run on slower machines (no lag) and has a few surprises up its sleeve.

Download Land of Wool Minecraft Survival Map


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