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Lasers | A Web Game About Lasers

Updated on November 23, 2010

There are some games that take the world by storm. There are some games that change your life. There are some games that destroy your marriage and leave your nearest and dearest bitter shells of who they once were. Then there are games where you play with black lines to make red lines hit dots. Lasers is the latter of these games.

In spite of how dangerous anything called 'Lasers' sounds. Lasers is an entirely innocuous little indie web game that will stretch your brain before you take it on a run. You'll notice that in my illustration of this game I've already ruined all the logistical joy of the first level. Don't worry, there are yet more levels for you to conquer.

Lasers seems insurmountably difficult, until you realize that being able to change the length and angle of the mirrors means that you can pretty much do anything you want. I may be getting ahead of myself here, because I've yet to really explain the premise of the game in any depth. Here goes: the laser is the red beam. The dot is the target. The dot will usually be placed in a place that seems impossible for the laser to ever reach, but for the help of mirrors. The mirrors placed on the screen are always the wrong length and at the wrong angle. It is your mission in life to make those mirrors the right length and the right angle in order for the laser beam to hit the target. You can also move the position of the mirrors entirely. I used bold there, because that is rather integral to not being stumped on level two and forever giving up the joy of playing with lasers.

Whether you find this game fun or not will pretty much depend on how much you enjoy logic, puzzle solving, and lasers. Personally I found it slightly less amusing to play than an arcade shooter, but considerably more fun to play than your average point and click adventure (those things make me want to destroy them with lasers, the frustration of being forced to find a single, fairly obtuse solution to a problem is incredibly annoying. What is significantly less annoying in Lasers is that there is not one single solution to the problems that are presented to you. You can use your own ingenuity and problem solving skills to finish the game, which is much more satisfying at the end of the day. And at the beginning of the day. At any time of the day at all really.


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