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“Laugh & Learn” and “Create & Learn” Apptivity Case for iPad

Updated on July 19, 2014

More than the parents its kids who use iPad more, according to a study by Common Sense Media 38% of kids under age 2 have used tablets or smartphones. The report also says, "The percent of children who use mobile devices on a daily basis ― at least once a day or more ― has more than doubled, from 8% to 17%".

So if it’s the kids who use the device quite often, then it needs to be protected too from their mishandling, drools, hitting, teething and more. When enjoying his movies or Apps or rhyme videos, my own son doesn't care how fragile the device is. I have to constantly remind him to be a bit careful. Luckily, I saw a number of iPad Cases that sell online and are so kid and iPad friendly. I happen to zero on Fisher price because I somehow feel its much better and have a creative offering which a number of them don't. I has bundled Apps which make them even more interesting for kids.

Fisher Price has come up with cases for iPads, iPods and iPhones that are highly protective for the expensive and fragile device and has features and design that make it more attractive to kids. These cases come under two series “Laugh & Learn” and “Create & Learn” for different age groups. These come for all three iPad, iPhone, iPod and comes in variety of colours like blue, red, pink and Green. Fisher Price has also ensured all versions of iPad, iPhone and iPod can use these cases.

Fisher Price has loads of Apps for kids that are available for free download. These Apps are for fun, entertainment and learning, they also help in developing hand eye co-ordination. Few Apps can we viewed 3D using the "create and learn" case. These cases are not restricted for Fisher Price Apps only, in fact they can be used as a normal case for any App.

Besides these two cases, their are more Fisher Price cases for kids, but I feel they are limited to a game or App only and hence found these two as best options to go for.

Laugh and Learn case

Laugh and Learn case is for kids from 6 Months and above. The edges are in colour and textured with handle fitted with beads. Baby can easily hold the case from handle, play with beads and textured body helps in enhancing fine motor skills. The case is very sturdy; it gives good protection to iPad with full view of the screen. It blocks the home button, preventing unwanted activities that can happen by kids. In front of the screen is a clear film that protects from dribbles & drool. On the rear there are two flaps (semi-circle legs)that gives it a three way usage, when both are closed the case lies flat, opening one sets up easel on back, opening both legs gives it a rocker base. The case comes for $27.99 and can be bought from fisher price website.

Create and Learn case

Create and Learn case is for kids from 3 years and above. The case is available in full blue or full pink colour with black handle. It has an attached stylus for interactive touch screen activities for toddlers. The stylus can be re-positioned for right or left-handed users. Handle on one side of case provides an ease of carrying it and it has a stand on the rear side to hold the case at just the right angle. The screen cover is made with clear protective screen that is made with patented Otterbox technology and provides safety to screen as it protects against drips, sticky fingers and scratches. Since it has a stylus, kids can use it for learning, drawing, alphabet writing, puzzles, colouring and more. It comes with 13 double-sided alphabet cards which you can set behind the case and watch the 3-D image of it on screen. The case comes for $29.99 and can be bought from fisher price website.


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