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Lazeroids, Free Massively Multiplayer Asteroids Game

Updated on January 7, 2011
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You remember Asteroids, don't you? You remember being a helpless triangular 'ship' amidst a sea of asteroids that hurtled through the dark skies, absolutely indifferent to your survival, to your hopes and dreams and to your destructive power. You fought against them bravely, but with every shot, you multiplied the threat. Before long you were adrift in a fast moving sea of deadly space debris. Annihilation was your only option.

But what if you'd had friends to help you? What if you were not the only lonely ship in the asteroid field? Lazeroids brings that dream to fruition in a browser based HTML5 asteroids game in which you join forces with other players to do battle against the terrible threat of deep space asteroids.

The asteroids are more outliney than I remember them, and the game seems to have stability issues. By that I mean it crashed just moments into my gaming experience. But I could not hold that against it. It's nostalgic charm was so great that even if it had actively set my pc on fire and insulted my ancestors, I would still be inclined to look upon it fondly.

The controls are as simple as they ever were. The arrow keys move your brave craft across the obsidian sky, your space bar hurls lasers into the abyss in the hopes of destroying the asteroids that presumably threaten the survival of something important. We wouldn't just fly into the middle of space to blow things up, would we?

The playing field appears to be pretty much endless, though it may very well have some finite boundaries. Much like the universe itself this game is full of as yet unsolved mysteries. Occasionally the ship takes off at warp speed in one direction, occasionally it fails to respond to keyboard commands at all.

There aren't too many people playing the game at this point. I did briefly spy one other craft making its way through the asteroid field, but before I could so much as waggle the pointy triangle nose of my craft of destruction, it was gone, leaving me alone once more.

Lazeroids is perhaps not so much a game to play as a game to keep an eye on. At the moment it is laggy and buggy and awful, but with a little bit of additional work, why, it could be as popular as the now legendary Haxball.

Play Lazeroids.


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