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League of Legends 10 Reasons You Are in Bronze

Updated on January 10, 2014

You haven't played enough.

One of the main reasons you could be in bronze is because you simply do not play enough games to properly measure your skill level. If you only have 20-30 games you probably can get out of bronze if you continue to play more.

It takes awhile to get an accurate amount of data for the ranking system to properly judge your skill level. This is why it is important that you play enough games for your rank to balance out.

Your new.

A lot of the bronze players are simply new to the game. It isn't necessarily your fault, you are just new to the game. Generally the less you have played the game the less you know about the game and the worse you are at the game. Don't get discouraged though. You can still get better with a little bit of practice and determination.

Your internet is bad.

Bad internet can really screw you over and make you lose a lot of games. Trust me I use to have some connection problems and it absolutely sucked. When you lag in games, you cannot make the plays needed to win games and you can easily lose games that you should have won.

  • If you are lagging a lot in game try to get a better internet connection. If this isn't possible check on your downloads or on other people using your wifi. Downloading when you are playing can easily lead to some lag.

You have an old computer.

League of Legends isn't the most graphically intensive game but you still need a decent computer to run the game. If you are having problems, especially with FPS lag, your computer might be the culprit.

  • If getting a better computer is off the table, you can always try getting a few upgrades on yours. Make sure you have a decent graphics card and try and fix any problems with your current computer to make it run better.

You get caught a lot.

Getting caught can easily lose you a game. When you have one player down it is hard to go for objectives and get the fights you want to win a game. If you are constantly roaming off and getting caught, this could be a reason you are bronze.

  • Try to stick with your team and ward. Wards can easily save your life, because you can see the enemy team coming and you can react accordingly.

You die a lot.

Dying and feeding the enemy team kills is not what you want to be doing, especially if you want to win games. Dying can come from a lot of different things. You could be diving turrets, overextending, or simply getting outplayed.

  • Try and figure out why you are dying a lot and fix it. If you are dying one vs one in lane examine what you are doing. Are you not respecting minions? Are you taking turret hits? Are your summoner spells down? All of these things can lead to you losing a fight and figuring out what your mistakes are is the first step.

You rage.

No one likes someone that is constantly yelling at their team and pointing out every mistake they make. Chances are that you are not perfect and you make mistake too. You need to be focusing on what you are doing wrong and what you can do to fix it and less about what your team is doing.

  • Ignore people if you have to. Do anything you can to avoid typing to your team unless it is completely necessary. Rage will lose a lot of games and make people want to quit and stop trying. You want to lead your team not bring them down.

You give up too easily.

There are some games where you probably aren't going to win and you can give up, but I am talking about the people who say "gg" after the other team gets first blood. Don't be this guy. This isn't going to help you win games. Focus on what you are doing and how you can be playing better and the wins will come. Teams come and go, you will rank up on your performance and how you handle adversity.

You can't last hit.

Last hitting is really important and the better you do this the better of a player you are going to be. This is where you get most of your gold and the more gold you have the easier it will be to get kills or get tanky.

  • Practice last hitting and try and get really good at it. You aren't going to get perfect at last hitting overnight, but the more you practice and try and get better the more games you are going to win. People underestimate the power of mechanics and last hitting, but it is vital especially if you want to be one of the best players.

You don't go for objectives.

Objectives are really important and there is only one way you can win the game. You have to get the main objective, the nexus. You can be behind in kills or farm, but the only thing that matters is killing that nexus. Everything you do leading up to that is just giving yourself and your team advantages to make it easier.

  • Do not underestimate the power of getting dragons and towers. These will help give your team gold and help you win the game.


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