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League of Legends: 12 Tips Any Serious Jungler Should Know

Updated on July 26, 2015

King of the Jungle

Mastering the jungle means offering maximum support to all lanes. Though it's often a low credit role with high propensity to blame, the potential impact is high. Even 1 gank can snowball a lane. Below you'll find some tips that have helped me dominate and push to Platinum primarily with my favorite Amumu jungle.

12 Tips

  1. Count Minions. You need to know 1-2 minutes in advance if a lane will be pushing so you can gank! It's best to communicate this to your lanes too.
  2. Sweeper is good, smiting birds is better. Using sweeper to clear wards, then doing 1 jungle camp and returning to that lane for a gank is a good strategy. But smiting birds to get the automatic ward detector is better to really be sure you're moving undetected.
  3. Consciously evaluate where the team needs gold, including whether or not it should go to you. The jungler is the most dynamic role and all good junglers must be adapative to the game. All roles are very clearly defined except jungle which must fill weaknesses in the team. You must be very conscious of where these weaknesses are. Hard carries absorb as much gold as possible, supports absorb as little as possible, junglers must decide how much they need to be effective and how much they can give to allow carries to maximize their effectiveness. Who gets the kill should be decided, not random based on who finishes it.
  4. Careful when showing yourself top. Showing a jungle top can often mean a free dragon for your enemy team. Sorry top, it's just hard to show some love when most key game objectives occur in mid to bottom during the laning phase. If you must gank top, do it before an enemy can reasonably do dragon, when dragon is down, when top has teleport up, or when your tea has enough control to stop it.
  5. Don't show yourself too early. Sometimes you need to bait your teammate fairly hard to get the kill or the enemy will just run. If you enter immediately as the fight stars they have their full health bar to escape. If you wait until mid-way through the fight you have a much higher chance of a kill. However, be careful not to let your teammate die and take note of your ability to protect them with heals and CC.
  6. Keep gap closers for AFTER enemy flash. If you have a dash or some other form of a gap close, keep it for after the enemy uses their flash.
  7. Pick on opponents with no flash. Flash cooldown is 300 seconds. You can easily get several ganks in on an opponent with no flash. Free kills! It also helps snowball that lane. If you bounce back and forth between lanes, burning flashes, that's good to help the lane out, but if you gank at a frequency that's higher than flash cooldown, you're much less likely to get kills. Sometimes you just need to babysit!
  8. Gift of heavy hands also does a high amount of true damage to towers. Take note, most people don't notice this and only notice the stun.
  9. Smite bonuses:
    Gromp: A poison that damages all enemies hitting you, smite first.
    Blue: Restores 25% of your maximum mana, smite if you're low on mana.
    Wolves: A "Ward" like orb that seeks all enemies that enter that area of the jungle. Smite first for protection.
    Birds: A detector that pops true sight if you're seen by a ward. Note that the range on the true sight is lower than the range of wards so you may have to search a bit.
    Red: Heals 20% of your maximum health; smite when needed.
    Golems: Stuns a minion every 6 attacks and does true damage to towers (once). Smite first.
    Scuttle: Nothing.
  10. Kill Scuttle. As a jungle you're often rocking a sweeper to control wards to allow you to gank. Controlling scuttle also allows you to support the team with vision. It gives less experience but is great for map control. It loses armor/magic resist and takes extra damage when CCd with movement altering abilities. This makes it way easier to take down as it can be quite beefy.
  11. Share the love. Some jungles need red/blue buffs more/less; share what you don't need! Traditionally blue is given to mids. Also take note it may not be wise to give the buff to a struggling lane; don't want to just give it to the enemy via proxy!
  12. And of course of course of course! COMMUNICATE. Ping your intentions, type if needed, check in with the lanes, a jungle requires strong communication with the team.

Jungle camps.
Jungle camps. | Source


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