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League of Legends- A Complete Guide to Jungling

Updated on July 25, 2013


There are several different parts to jungling and it is one of the most important roles in the game. The difference between a good jungler and a bad jungler can decide a game as the jungler can dictate how much support each of his lanes gets and can shut down the support for your enemies by stealing buffs which are the most valuable source of xp early game for a jungler. It is also important to know several different aspects of jungling well, as this can allow you to dominate your enemy jungler, even if they counter you in several ways.


Ganks are the key parts of jungling and there are a couple of different kinds. You can lane gank, normal gank or counter gank. A normal gank is when you come through the jungle or river and rush the enemy, using cc and excessive damage to kill the enemies. A lane gank is when your ally pushes and you move through the brush and surprise your enemy as they come near the brush, surprising them and often killing them very quickly. These can also be executed by someone like Hecarim or Rammus who are very quick and can cc the enemy when they are on top of your tower. This is useful if they are pushing but have several wards on the river, providing them complete vision. A counter gank is used when you are near a lane that gets ganked. You then rush over and make a 2 v 1 a 2 v 2. This works especially well against tankier jungles who think that they can take a few tower shots. You then cc them under the tower and then 2 people smacking them around can be enough to kill them in most situations. These are very situational ganks but can be pulled off exceptionally well if done correctly.

Routes and Timers

One of the most important aspects of jungling is knowing your routes and timers. If you are a mana reliant jungler, you can know that you will want a smiteless blue followed by getting your red to get you instantly in the action. If you are a character like Shaco, however, you can know that you don’t need a smite for your blue and then you can do red and pull off a crippling early gank with the summoner you took instead of smite. Learn how junglers are going to act can make you learn likely routes for your enemies as well, which can allow you to effectively counter jungle, however this will be gone over in more detail later. The other important thing of this section is your timers. If you know all of the timings then you can know when your buffs, dragon and baron are next going to spawn, allowing you to be there as soon as they spawn and steal them from under your enemies noses. For reference, the buff timers are 5 minutes, the dragon 6 minutes and the baron 7 minutes, so time it accordingly.


Invasions are very commonly used, however most people don’t know how to execute them well. You should consider your team composition against the enemies before deciding whether you should invade. As a jungler, your word is final on whether an invasion should take place. There are also two different types of invasion, a passive invasion or an aggressive invasion. These are what I refer to them as, however they are both aggressive in their own way. If, for example, the enemy jungler is Amumu then you know he is going to start blue. You can then either take the fight to them, stealing the buff and netting a few kills for your team, or you can take the red before Amumu has even finished his blue. You can then take your blue and either donate the 2nd red to the laners or take it for yourself, providing a huge xp bonus for yourself, and a loss of one for Amumu. If you have a Blitzcrank on your team then you have to invade basically. His pulls can mean that you can steal the buff from the enemy, with the enemy doing most of the damage but gaining no xp. You can also start a confrontation with Blitzcrank, by grabbing in brushes where enemies most commonly stay before leashing a buff. This means that you can get an easy first blood. Another good champion to invade with is Because of his q, which can mess up an enemy match up by throwing a squishy towards your team. Thresh can also be a good invader because he can just steal the buff by placing a lantern on the buff, providing vision and allowing the jungler to smite it quickly and cleanly. He can also pull an enemy out of position with a well placed q which can allow an easy first blood for your team. Some others who can provide easy invades include Corki and Shaco for fairly obvious reasons. If you are against a jungle Shaco then it can be advisable to invade as he will often solo buffs using his boxes so will have little support around him.

Counter Jungling

Counter jungling is a key part of jungling. It is important to know how to counter jungle, but also how to defend against it as it can be a real pain to play against a jungler who is bullying you. Wards are the most effective ways to stop counter junglers as they can give you great vision and will allow you are your team to converge on the enemy jungler. However, if you know your timings well, you can counter jungle easily with some careful map watching. If you see an enemy buff spawn and the jungler is on the opposite side of the map, you can usually net it quickly, however always have a thought out escape plan available as you may walk through a ward on your way to the buff. Although some people will tell you leave a monster left on the camps, on buffs this is not a smart idea. If you want to continue messing your opponent up, you need to know when the buff will respawn so you take it again. On camps like the wolves or wraiths, you should leave at least one creep behind, just not the big creep as that would be silly :P. Some good aggressive counter junglers are Lee Sin, as he deals lots of damage and has good mobility to escape. Rengar is another option because of his huge damage and Nocturne can work well as well, because of his large damage, a spell shield and a speed boost on his q. Shaco is a lot more sneaky, but with good wards you can see when an enemy is taking a buff smite steal it, before running away in a teleporting puff of smoke. Some good champions to bully are Amumu and Rammus because of their lack of damage and you can make sure they don’t escape of you get in the way of Rammus’ q, or at least make him go into your territory where someone else can pick him off.


Wards are another important aspect of jungling, however many people don’t know this, or if they do, don’t utilize it enough. A ward placed on blue 30 seconds before it spawns can give you vision and if your enemy jungler is either fed or a powerful counter jungler, you can do a gank and when the enemy jungler comes for your buff, you can use your smite to steal it and then run, as this can waste lots of your opponents time while preserving lots of yours. You can do a similar thing at an enemy’s buff, making them lose out on the precious experience that the buffs provide. Also, if you are trying to gank top but they are effectively warding, go top, place a pink ward, remove the ward then go clear a camp or do a gank. If the enemy hasn’t replaced this ward but is still pushing, then you can gank them because of their lack of ward coverage. This will also provide your ally with ward coverage which can save them money.


As a jungler, it is important to donate your buffs from the 2nd spawn. Your blue should go to the mid, however you should keep your own red till late game, when it should go to the ADC. It is important that you have the red buff because of the slow on attack, making your ganks a lot stronger, especially for characters such as Shyvanna who have no CC by themselves. Because you are usually going to donate the 2nd blue ( can sometimes be excused if the mid laner does not use mana, however the CDR can still allow them to control their lane very well) you must make sure that you do not run low on mana. By getting a spirit stone, you can negate some of the lack of mana, but make sure that you do not spam abilites when attacking minions or neutral camps as this will lower your mana significantly.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this hub and if you have any feedback then please post in the comments. If you want more information about jungling then please just ask and if you want to play with me then add me on the EU West servers. My name is Mini Man Danny and I will play a few games with you :) Thanks again for reading and if you enjoyed this, check our my other hubs as you may like them as well :D


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