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League of Legends ADC Tier List: God Tier, Tier 1, 2, 3, and Trash Tier

Updated on August 30, 2015

Despite Riot's attempts at keeping all champions balanced, there are champions that inevitably become overpowered or underpowered due to changes in items, FOTM, etc. In this article I have written the League of Legends ADC Tier list so you can see what are the best ADC champions (and the worst).

This guide will be updated every so often when major changes happen in gameplay.

NOTE: This list consists of champions that are marked as Marksmen. Troll picks or unconventional builds like ADC Leblanc or ADC Lulu are not included in this list.

Description of the Tiers

God Tier
The champions in God Tier are OP and are great need of nerfs are adjustments. God Tier champs are almost too easy to play and yet have high rewards.
Tier 1
Champions in Tier 1 are slightly OP. They tend to be very popular and do very well in the current season.
Tier 2
Tier 2 champions are balanced. They have an equal amount of strengths and weaknesses. They shouldn't be touched.
TIer 3
Slightly underpowered champions that may have been Tier 2 or even Tier 1 before recent changes in items or champion adjustments.
Trash Tier
These are outdated champions that are considered as troll picks (for the most part). They need a look at immediately.
  • Jinx
  • Draven

God Tier Champions

Below are the God Tier champions in League of Legends currently.


With her amazing passive allowing her to weave in and out of team fights, her huge lane control, CC, and AoE auto attacks, Jinx is definitely in God Tier.

Jinx can bully you in lane with her fast Q, and her lane control comes from her snares. She can clear lanes and farm with ease due to her switching between her bullets and bombs, and she rules in 1v1 situations due to her attack speed stacks.

Let's not forget her global ultimate that does a great amount of damage.


The main reason why Draven is god tier is due to his amazing amount of damage, reliable crowd control, and his speed boosts.

But let's face it: it's mostly about his stupid damage.

This damage is apparent during 1v1 situations where he excels at. His ultimate (that attacks people twice) is also very powerful.

  • Graves
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Tristana
  • Lucian
  • Sivir
  • Twitch

Tier 1 ADC Champions

Below are the Tier 1 ADC champions in League of Legends. These champions are considered a bit OP, but are more on the balanced side.


Graves is a pretty solid champion with a dash, AoE clear, attack speed boost, and a good amount of defense due to his passive.

At one point he was considered pretty god tier, but he was outshined by Draven and Jinx in terms of 1v1 damage. Graves is a great pick if you're looking for burst damage.


Caitlyn is a Tier 1 ADC pick due to her range and early game bullying abilities. She has the longest early game range, and her Q packs a punch against enemies. She is also one of the safer laners due to her net ability for escaping and her snares.

Her snares can also be used as ways to control the lane.

The reason why she isn't God tier is because her damage seems to fall off big time once end game comes. Other champions with better attack speed and damage buffs outshine her.


Corki has one of the best 1v1 damages in the game. He also has a great escape ability (although with a high cooldown), an ultimate that makes harassing and wave-clearing easy, and decent damage throughout the whole game.

Recent nerfs dropped Corki down in power, however. He is also slightly clunky and doesn't have reliant burst. He's great for consistent damage.


At one point, Tristana was Tier 2 or even considered Tier 3 until recent changes in items, along with buffs to her.

Now Tristana is a very good pick due to her late game range, amazing attack speed boost, escape jump that refreshes on kills, and wave-clearing abilities.

She isn't considered god tier because she's clunky in the sense that her jumps can be interrupted, and her passive explosion abilities forces her to push her lane, which makes freezing lanes or playing safe hard.

Her mid game is also subpar unless she rocks her great early game.


A lot of people consider Lucian god tier, but I disagree. Lucian doesn't have the god tier feeling, and his auto-attack damage seems substantially lower than other stronger champions.

He does excel at one thing, however: mobility. He is very fast-moving and he has a dash skill that goes very well with his ultimate. He's also great at harassing in the lane with two skills that surpass minions. His ultimate can also be a great chasing skill.

The reason why he isn't any higher is because his ultimate can't be controlled that well. If he was able to choose his targets or aim his ultimate, he would be god tier.


Sivir is a great champion for lanes that are heavy on skills, especially in lanes with enemy Blitzcranks and Alistars. The reason is due to her spell shield.

She can also do a lot of damage with her Q early game, and her ultimate is a great AoE support ability that works well with AD-heavy teams.

The only issue with Sivir is that she has no reliable dashes or escapes. She does have her ultimate for a movement boost, but her ultimate is best used offensively, not defensively. Her spel shield also needs to be timed perfectly or she will be manaless in lane.


After the recent changes with ward visibility and removal of oracles, Twitch became an absolute monster to play against. Because of this he was no longer Tier 3/trash tier, and is moved up to Tier 1.

Apart from his stealth, his ultimate allows him to do great AoE damage against the enemy team, and his damage is solid.

  • Ashe
  • Miss Fortune
  • Quinn
  • Varus
  • Ezreal

Tier 2 ADC Champions

Below are Tier 2 ADC champions. These champions are perfectly balanced and do not need any tweaking. They may rise and fall between Tier 1 and Tier 3, depending on item changes and other changes that affect champion performance.


Ashe has always been the pinnacle of balance. Riot attempts to balance the other ADC champions based around her. Although they seem to not be doing too good of a job lately.

Ashe is a Tier 2 champion simply because she has no mobility whatsoever, and she's a horrible 1v1 ADC. She does have good range, sustainable damage, and consistent CC. Her hawkshot is also valuable for late game fights.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a Tier 2 champion because she's all about damage, but she lacks any good CC and many of her skills fall of late game (like her ultimate and Q). Her passive is also only useful for traveling to destinations faster, but doesn't contribute well to late game fights.

She excels in 1v1 situations, however, and does well with lane harassing and farming.


While Quinn does a solid amount of damage and her ultimate is great for escaping, she just seems like an overall clunky champion. She doesn't have any CC apart from her vault ability, and her Valor abilities turn her into a melee champion for a short time (which isn't great when you're naturally squishy).


Varus has good CC abilities and harass, and his passive stacks allow him to do a great amount of burst damage to enemies.

The only reason why he isn't in Tier 1 is because of his lack of mobility. If he had a dash ability or some kind of escape ability, he would be a higher tier champion.


At one point Ezreal was considered OP, but after numerous tweaks he's dropped from god tier to Tier 2. Now I consider him a very balanced champion.

The reason I consider him balanced is because he has a solid amount of damage, a teleport ability, a global ability, but no CC. He's truly a champion that relies solely on damage, unlike recent ADCs that have both mobility, damage, and CC.

  • Vayne

Tier 3

Tier 3 ADC champions are champions that can do the job when fed, but they are currently on the underpowered side in League of Legends.


I know some of you may be thinking: "What? A Vayne in the right hands can do great!"

And you're right, but Vayne is probably one of the weaker ADCs out there. The reason is because the game is slowly shifting so that mid game and end game approach fast. Lanes are getting more aggressive due to the change between passive to active supports, and with Vayne's already horrible early game, she's no match for the current season.

Her only saving grace is being lucky enough to get fed, but even then she can be wiped off the battlefield in an instant due to her absurd squishiness and short range.

Trash Tier

There are currently no ADC champions that I would consider Trash Tier.


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    • profile image

      what 3 years ago

      Tbh, I disagree with M.F her ultimate is at it's climax late game, it proves an incredible burst of damage for all in range and can change a battle quickly

    • profile image

      sweg 3 years ago

      Where is Kog or urgot

    • profile image

      Quinn4Dayz 3 years ago

      Quinn is by far one of the best adcs in the game. Her ult is greatly used against champions like Jinx and Draven, who have low mobility and depend on auto attacks. Her blind is aoe and kicks ass in team fights, also half healthing the enemy that the skillshot hits. While her bird form CAN be used for an escape, it is used more in team fights to dish out a massive amount of aoe damage with a pointblank AoE Q and stun (auto crit E). The reactivation on her ult can dominate in a skirmish situation. She is an Assassin Marksman. Dominates Vayne, Draven, Jinx, Cait, nearly any other adc in a 1v1. Adcs like Urgot or Ezreal that are not autoattack reliant are the only ones that can shut her down.