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League of Legends For Noobies - A Beginners Guide

Updated on April 8, 2015
League fans packed into the Staples Center
League fans packed into the Staples Center

League of legends has taken the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) gaming world by storm in the past few years. In only four years, league of legends went from barely being able to fill out a small room to filling the Staples Center. Although league of legends is such a popular game, beginners do need some guidance as the game is very abstract. This guide will go over the bare essentials and help you further understand the game.


The objective of the game is simple. Win the game by destroying the other teams base ( which is called the Nexus). This is far easier said than done. The base is surrounded by towers and a constant flow of little monsters known as minions.These minions will award gold to its killer. This gold is useful as it will help in buying items to make your character more dangerous.


To be able to thrash your opponents nexus you will need to pick a champion. A champion is the character you will control throughout the whole game. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Some examples of champions include:

Tank: These champions are big and beefy. They will absorb most of the damage dished out by the other team.

Carry: These champions will do the most damage for your team. They do a lot of damage but can not take much punishment. These guys will often hide behind the tanks. Also, carries can come in two forms attack damage carry and ability power carry.

Assassin: These champions are similar to carries as they do a tonne of damage and are also fairly frail. However, the thing that makes this champion unique is their ability to jump in and out of combat.

Support: This champion is usually equipped with an ability to heal and shield their teammate. Often the support champions will follow the carry around the map in an effort to protect them from danger.

Fighter: These champions can be described as a blend between carries and tanks. They have some of the damage potential of carries as well as some of the health potential of tanks. They do both jobs sufficiently but do not excel in either.

Map for summoners rift
Map for summoners rift

League of legends has a 3 maps in the current generation of their game. This includes summoners rift, howling abyss, and twisted treeline. The map pictured above is summoners rift. This map is the main map used in most professional tournaments and is also widely regarded as the best map.


For summoner rift, the players are split up into 5 roles. Each role will go into there own section of the map where they will battle it out with the enemy of the matching role. The roles are as follow:

Top Lane: This lane is filled with the tanks. The match up is usually dull and boring as both beefy champions are unable to damage each other. The objective of this lane is to farm minions and beef up for later fights.

Mid Lane: This lane is usually filled with two ability power carries. These carries primary source of damage revolves around their abilities ( utilized using the Q, W, E or R buttons). This lane is usually filled with a lot of actions as these champions will often roam around to the top or bottom lanes to help their teammates.

Jungler: This role is the most different from the others as it is not a lane. Instead, this champion will be roaming around in the jungle slaying monsters. Occasionally a jungler will try to invade the opposing jungler's jungle. This is what makes the role interesting. You always have to be on the lookout. Also, once the jungle is clear, the jungler will sneak into the shadows of his laning teammates in an effort to jump the opposing champion.

Bot Lane - AD: The bot lane is interesting as there are two people occupying it. The first being the attack damage carry. Unlike the mid lane, the attack damage carry will primarily use their normal attacks as a source of damage. In this lane both carries are focusing greatly on slaying minions as they will heavily relied on in later fights.

Bot lane - Support: The support accompanies the attack damage carry into the bot lane. The support main focus is to keep the AD carry in tip top shape. They will be constantly replenishing his health (that is if the support has a healing ability) and on the lookout for the enemy teams mid laner and jungle.

Which role do you see yourself playing?

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This guide went over the bare essentials of league of legends and it was only really a dent in what actually goes on in the game. Although the game may seem confusing now it should still be a given a try. After all, the game is currently being enjoyed by millions around the world, how hard can it really be?


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