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League of Legends – Gameplay, Modes & Tutorials

Updated on January 6, 2014

Multiplayer online battle arena video games have found huge popularity in the last few years and League of Legends, undoubtedly has been well received by gamers across the world since its release on 27th October, 2009. The game is free to play and micro transactions are supported. Riot Games published it and the game is available on both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows platform.


Till today’s date, there are 117 various Champions and players can choose to take control of any one of them. They need to form a team with other players and then fight another team. Once a player gets control of a Champion, he is personified as a Summoner. A player gains level by killing Champions controlled by other players or the Minions. Players meet up in the lanes and by destroying towers guarding the lanes, killing neutral monsters and minions, they earn gold (This is used for upgrading the Champion). On the Summoners Rift map, players win by the destroying the Nexus of the enemy. There are other maps (Dominion for example) where Nexus will lose health when opposition gets control over minimum 3 towers of the 5 available.

Riot Points, Experience Points and Influence Points

These can be used to get additional options for the Summoners. One can buy Riot points online using real cash. On the other hand, Influence Points are earned while playing the game. Experience Points are also earned while playing the game and can be used for level up. A player can reach to a maximum level of 30. By reaching higher levels, it is possible to unlock Rune Page slots and Mastery Points.

Runes, Masteries & Spells

There are a couple of Summoner spells available and those have significant impact on the overall gameplay. The skills can be improved with help of Masteries and those are developed in a skill tree. Remember that masteries are perks having effect on the overall gameplay. However some augment the Summoner spells. The Masteries are actually classified into three different categories: Utility, Offensive and Defensive. If you wish, it is possible to re-distribute the masteries between battles as well.

It’s time to discuss the Runes now. These affect gameplay in minor ways, similar to Masteries. There are 4 different types of Runes available in League of Legends: Seals (Defensive), Marks (Offensive), Quintessences (Utility) and Glyphs (Magic). Players need to unlock the Runes in the store and you can have more than a single copy of Rune at the same time. It is advised to arrange all the Runes through the Runebook and take benefit of them. Though the Runebook has limited number of slots available for each of the rune type, you can buy additional pages with help of Riot Points and Influence Points.

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The Tribunal

This is the democratic system of League of Legends and all the moderation stuffs are conducted over here. If a player submits a report, the same is reviewed by the other League of Legends players over here on a case by case basis. Once the review process is over, the opinion on the validity of the report has to be submitted. If a consensus is made, the decision is termed as final and official. Please note that no player can be permanently banned through this judgment system and the reviewers are provided with a Justice Rating as well depending on how accurate their judgments are.

Game modes, Guides and Tutorials

The game itself has a tutorial mode which allows players to go through a couple of introductory games. These teach players the very basic rules and they understand all the associated important concepts. There are 5 other game modes: Ranked mode, Co-op vs. AI mode, Normal mode, Custom mode & Random mode.

Ranked Mode: If you are a player who has reached level 30 already, this mode is for you. A Draft Pick system will be used by the Ranked users exclusively and the players are basically seeded into a League System depending on what happens in their matches.

Co-op vs. AI mode: Here you play against a team of bots and it is mainly used by inexperienced players to learn more about the game.

Normal mode: These matches are played between two players. Two types of picking options are available: Blind Pick (Players individually choose their Champions at the same time) and Draft Pick (A randomly assigned team captain has three bans through which he can disallow enemies from playing certain champions and then other champions are chosen in an ordered format). Once the champion selection process is over, players can get into trades with each other.

Custom mode: Here, as a player, you can create a game of your own. Uneven teams can complete with each other and a team can include both real players and bots.

Random mode: Players don’t choose the Champions in this mode, but computer assigns them one randomly. A couple of re-rolls are allowed if you are not happy with your pick. You can even trade your champion with other players.

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League of Legends is popular and given the great gameplay, the features available and the adrenaline rush that players experience while playing it, it can be safely assumed that it will continue to enjoy huge popularity over the years. If you are yet to play this game, try out now and let me know your experience. I’ll love to hear out from the first-hand players as well.


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