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League of Legends How To Get to Level 30

Updated on September 22, 2012

Getting to level 30 is really important in League of Legends and it allows you to play ranked games and really take advantage of the game. This guide will give you the tools and knowledge to get to level 30 as quick as possible and get better in the process.


The fastest way to get to level 30 is to win. Winning not only gives you more influence points that can be used to buy champions and runes, but it also gives you more experience. More experience will make you level quicker. The best way to win most games is to understand the game better. I have many guides on this website for new and old players alike so if you are seeking to get better click on one of the links below with information on getting better.


The great thing about boost is they give you double the experience without having to win every game. This is great if you find it hard to win a lot of your games and really want to level up quickly. Although they cost money they are well worth it if you are trying to get to level 30 quick.

Play Play Play

The best thing to do is simply play more. Not only will you get better over time, but you will also get loads of experience and influence points to unlock more content. You just have to play a lot if you want to get to level 30. It takes time and effort and riot does this to make sure you are ready to play ranked games when you finally reach this point. Do not get too caught up in making it there and focus on having as much fun as you can.


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