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League of Legends - How to Carry as a Jungler

Updated on November 5, 2019

How to Carry as a Jungler


  1. Jungle as a Role
  2. Golden Rules to Carry
  3. Rank Poll

Jungle as a Role

In my opinion the Jungle role is the most important role in League of Legends. Especially if you want to climb the ranked ladder.

I have been maining the Jungle role since season 2 and have been around Master/Diamond on EuWest ever since. Every time I see other people play the Jungle role, I can easily see the mistakes they make.

Your role in the team is to take care of your lanes. Depending on the champion you pick, your power spikes differ and you have to play accordingly to that. It also heavily depends on the champions your team picks. You most likely won't be able to gank lanes, where there is no kill pressure or get help from lanes, where people don't have the pressure in lane. All of these factors and a lot more have to be considered.

Golden Rules of the Jungle

There are many rules, but these are the most important ones:

Rule #1:

Pick a champion that you know you can play and which fits into the teamcomp.

- If you already have 2 Assasins on your team and no Tank, you should consider picking a Tank rather than another heavy damage dealer

-If you are good at playing the map and knowing, where the enemy Jungler might be, pick something on which you can have a big impact early in the game

-Don't rely on counterpicking the enemy Jungler, because it often can happen, that you won't even get into a 1 vs 1 fight against him

Rule #2:

Know your role and position on your team

-If you are the tank on the team, get to your items and assist your team in getting the kills

-If you are an Assasin, try to get as many kills early on and win the game as fast as you can

-If you play against an Assasin Jungler, put out as many wards as you can for your lanes, so they won't die and rely more on counterganking than making the ganks happen on your own. Because you will most likely outscale and win the game

Rule #3:

Ward efficiently and ping a lot

-Ward in places, where the enemy doesn't expect a ward to be. But it also should be efficient and should give your team a lot of information

-Ping out, where the enemy Jungler should be. If he started on one side of the map and you are sure, that he goes to his topside, danger ping there, so your team knows, that the enemy Jungler most likely is on that side

-Always ping Summoner Spells, especially important ones like Flash and TP

-My opinion: Don't or barely use the chat, because important informations like Summenor Spell pings will get lost and it's easier to understand with pings.

Rule #4:

Don't get mad about losing lanes and try to find your oppurtunity to impact the game

-Lanes sometimes lose for no reason, don't get mad about it and try not playing around it, only if you have to (possible dive happening, Rift Herald). Abandon losing lanes as much as you can

-Gank for winning lanes and regank lanes. If the enemy lane is Summenor Spellless, gank again and kill him over and over. If a lane is winning and you see easy ways to punish the lane, go for it.

Rule #5:

Jungle efficiently

-If your team has a good matchup toplane, start the game on your botside, so you can gank the lane

-Clear the camps in a way, that you will always be on the right side of the map. If you know that a botlane gank will happen soon, go to your botside jungle and clear those camps, so you can countergank if needed. If you know that your toplaner is building a big wave and gets a powerspike soon, clear your botside jungle fast, move to the topside jungle and help him diving or killing the enemy

Rule #6:

Don't type

-Don't let your emotions out in the chat, because you need to pay all your attention to the game, especially if you are the Jungler. You have way too many things to do, to be paying attention the chat and to type


Focus on the right objectives at the right time

-Don't go for drakes, if your team is not in the position for it and you rely on their help

-Don't overvalue bad drakes. Sometimes it's not worth going for a Wind Drake in the early game. Rather look for oppurtunities to kill the enemy team, take their turret and then if you have nothing to do, just take the drake on your way back to base


Put your team in the right position and know the win conditions

-If you have a Kog Maw & Lulu botlane, make sure that they get to their items. Once that happens, you will probably win the game

-If you know, that you can easily carry the game, take all the resources that you need and do so


Think about the outcome of your possible move, before you execute it

-If there is a small chance, that your invade will be successful, don't go for it. Especially if your team is not in a bad situation ( winning or even score)

-Only go for high risk, high reward situation, if there is no other way of winning!


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