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League of Legends: My Unique Guide To Mid Lane Blitzcrank

Updated on March 16, 2013
An incredible skin for Blitzcrank. The best out there. Unforunately it is currently unavaliable.
An incredible skin for Blitzcrank. The best out there. Unforunately it is currently unavaliable.

A Quick Summary of Why this Works

In this guide to League of Legends, I will be explaining about the controversial way of playing Blitzcrank, as an AP mid. Blitzcrank is usually found playing support because of his grab and knock up but he has high AP ratios on his two AP scaling moves, and he can deal lots of damage in a short time.

How to get a good CS

When starting out, you cannot really focus on farming a whole lot as you have no cheap ranged moves to get a good cs. Therefore, you need to focus on killing your opponent or zoning them out so you can get good farm. An excellent way to do this is as soon as you hit level 2, grab them, knock them up and then do as much as you can to damage them. This means that they will be scared of you and will stay away, especially when there are few minions around.

The Beginning to Early-Mid Game

If your lane opponent is not assisting their jungler at the beginning, you can try getting a grab off before the minions have spawned, possibly even into your jungler so that you can get an early kill. This does not always work but, if done correctly, can at the very least make your opponent terrified of what you can do. To start with you should get a Crystalline Flask and 2 Health Pots and 1 Mana Pot. This will give you a good amount of sustain so you can harass your opponent well. If you get the early harass or kill then you can stay on the enemy side of the minions, so that they know that they cannot get CS without the possibility of being grabbed. This is very risky however, because you leave yourself prone to being ganked and if you get ganked pre-4 then it will often burna flash or be fatal. You can also pull off good initiations for when your jungler comes along to try to gank for you, easily securing a kill if the jungler has good CC. The first time you go back you should try and buy a Mejas Soulstealer. This is a very good item that gives you base AP and bonus AP whenever you get a Kill or Assist. Getting this early is crucial as you need to start getting the stacks early on. You also need to get a Tear of the Goddess quite early on as this will allow you to get a large mana pool and be able to get a Seraphs Embrace, which can provide you with an extra shield. It will also, because of the larger mana pool, give your passive a larger shield, as it is based on how much mana you have at that point in time.

The Mid Game

By the time you hit level 11 you should have a Lich Bane or the money for a Lich Bane because if you grab someone in then knock them up, the extra damage can that can be the difference between a kill and them getting away. After the Lich Bane you should focus on getting the Rabadon’s Deathcap, hopefully having this by 25 minutes in if possible. You may be wondering at this point, “When am I going to get Boots?” But you don’t. Because of the speed boost from your E you can easily keep up with most champions and the grab can get them closer to you. If you really want a pair of boots then either go for Boots of Mobility, as this can let you hit 500+ movement speed with your E or an Ionian Boots of Lucidity. These give you CDR and, because of your huge cooldowns on your Q, it can be very handy to be able to pull off that 2nd grab at the end of the team fight.

The Late Game

A Blitzcrank is the heart and soul of the team when it gets to the late game Team Fight Stage. If you can pull one opponent into your whole team and knock him up, he is dead, provided you don’t grab a tank. If you grab a tank then you will almost certainly win the Team Fight. If you manage to isolate the ADC or the AP then they are dead and you then have a 4 v 5 on your hands. It is also useful if people start to damage you because of your passive and then, if they continue focusing you, you can activate your Seraph’s Embrace and you will be able to absorb a large amount of damage and hopefully give your team a good chance to win the fight. Other items that you want to get are a Zhonya’s Hourglass for the Statis, the huge AP and the Armour. A Ryulai’s Crystal Scepter is handy because, if you grab someone, not only are they knocked up, they are slowed if they decide to try a flash out of the situation. If you didn’t buy boots, then you can also get a Void Staff for the decent AP boost and the Magic Penetration, so you can deal your maximum damage. If you want to go slightly tankier, you can get an Abyssal Scepter for the Magic Resist, AP and the Magic Resist Reduction. It is entirely up to what you think you need. If you are not getting any stacks on your Mejas, then you can sell it and get both of those items if you feel that the Mejas is a waste of time, however if you get all 20 stacks, you get 15% CDR and 180 AP so if you are controlling the game then it is well worth it.

Ahhh, the beautiful Blitzcrank.
Ahhh, the beautiful Blitzcrank.


Blitzcrank has some very good moves that make him a very strong champion in League of Legends. His passive is Mana Barrier and when he drops below 20% health, he creates a barrier that lasts for 10 seconds. It is equal to 50% of his current mana and can save your life on several occasions. If you google Trollcrank then you will find some hilarious Youtube videos of people using mana barrier to their advantage to enrage the other team. It has recently been nerfed to a 90 second CD from a 60 second CD.

Blitzcrank's Q is his main, signature move. It is called Rocket Grab and his arm stretches a huge distance, dealing damage and pulling the first enemy it encounters. This also affects minions so watch out. It also stuns champions and can easily be used to secure kills and is especially handy if you manage to isolate the enemy ADC as the team fight will be essentially lost for them.

Blitzcrank's W is called overdrive and it is a large speed and attack speed boost that can allow you to catch up with nost enemy champions and it is the reason that you do not need boots. The Movement speed boost peaks at 32% and the Attack Speed boost peaks at 62%.

Blitzcrank's E is called Power Fist and it makes your next basic attack deal double damage, based on your AD and it also knocks enemies up giving your team a huge chance to net a kill.

Blitzcrank's Ultimate, his R, has two different parts to it, its passive and its active. Its passive means that, when not on CD, you randomly deal damage to an enemy nearby every 3 or so seconds. This damage gets increased a fair amount if you get the max build but can give away your position if you are hiding in a brush. The active side of it deals damage in an area around you and it silences enemies for 0.5 seconds, which can make the difference between them flashing away and them dieing. It deals huge damage if you get the full build and is on a 30 second CD with no CDR.

You get these abilities in the order of Q, E, Q, W, Q, R, Q, W, Q, W, R, W, W, E, E, R, E, E.

This means that you max out your Q first, making it deal large amounts of damage and shorten its high CD as it starts on a 20 second CD. You max out your W second, as it boosts that Attack Speed Bonus and the Movement Speed Bonus by large amounts.You finally max out your E as it only decreases the CD when you level it up. It is also unlikely to stay this close to enemies in the laning phase for periods of time as long as this, so it is unlikely that you will get 2 knock ups in one laning phase battle. You can, if you want, max your W first, instead of the Q, but always get the Q then E first as this combo can be devastating for an enemy.

The Full Build

At the end of the game you can have, if you choose to have no boots, Mejas Soulstealer, Seraph's Embrace, Rabadon's Deathcap, Lich Bane, Zhonya's Hourglass and an Abyssal Scepter/ Void Staff.

If you choose to take boots then you will get a Mejas Soulstealer, Seraph's Embrace, Rabadon's Deathcap, Lich Bane, Zhonya's Hourglass and Boots of Mobility/ Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

A Quick Glossary of Geek Speak.

Sorry if I have used some abreviations that you have not understood. Hopefully this small glossary will help you to decipher my geek speak.

CD- Cooldown. The time between using an ability and using the same ability again.

CDR- Cooldown Reduction. The percentage that you have reduced your cooldowns by.

AP- Ability Power. The stat used to determine how powerful some of your abilities are.

AD- Attack Damage. The stat used to determine how powerful you basic attacks and some of your abilities are.

Runes and Masteries




On the 1st row I have: 2 Fury and 4 Sorcery

on the 2nd row I have 4 Blast and 1 Desturction

on the 3rd row I have 1 Arcane Knowledge

On the 4th row I have 4 Mental Force and 1 Spell Sword

On the 5th row I have 4 Archmage

On the final row I have 1 Executioner


On the 1st row I have 3 Wanderer and 3 Meditation

On the 2nd row I have 2 Mastermind


I know that not everyone can afford a full Rune Page, but if you can then these are the Runes that I would go with

9 Scaling Mana Reds

9 Flat Armour Yellows

9 Scaling AP Blues

3 Scaling AP Quintences

These are just guidelines and you do not have to follow these. In the stats that I give below I only take into account the Masteries because of how expensive Runes are.

Key Stats

If you finish the build then these are the levels that some of your key stats will be at:

Health- 2633

Health when only taking Physical Damage- 5990

Health when only taking magic damage- 4805

Mana- 2234

Ability Power- 930

CDR- 31%

Movement Speed (with W)- 450

This build has a Mejas Soulstealer, Lich Bane, Zhonya's Hourglass, Seraph's Embrace, Rabadon's Deathcap, Ryulai's Crystal Scepter.

The stats are taken with no Runes used and the masteries detailed above and is all information gathered is based on an app on my phone so I apologise if there is any incorrect information.


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