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League of Legends- Some Things That You Must Know

Updated on December 2, 2012

Things You Need to Know

There are some things on League of Legends that you need to know or that you must learn to do. Some of these seem like very simple things, but they can often be forgotten, especially by players who are just starting out. If you learn these things, then you will make many less noob errors and you will have a better understanding of the game and its mechanics.

1. Turret Agro

The Turret Agro system is something that everyone needs to learn but many people overlook it until it is explained in fuller detail to them. The Agro system means that they turret hits the first enemy that it sees, whether it be a champion or a minion, then will continue to hit minions until champions are the only things remaining within its range. If, however, a champion hits an opposing champion, that champion will then be targeted until they are out of range.

Always be vary if you have used something that generates damage over time on a target, the turret will target you because you have harmed an enemy champion. It is essential to be especially wary of this if you have things, such as Teemo's Mushrooms, that are triggered when stood on, as this will make the turret hit you.

The more times a turret shoots before taking a break makes the damage it deals stack. This means that the second hit will hurt more than the first hit.

2. Last Hitting and Farming

Becoming good at last hitting and farming can really turn your games around. It can acctually make you win our lane if you are good enough at it. Each minion kill gets around 25 gold, so if you get 20 minion kills within a couple of waves of minions, you have 500 gold within a couple of minutes. By farming effectively, you can completely turn your game around because you can get items that make you completely over power your opponents. The person who last hits the minion gets the gold so you need to try and learn how much of a health bar you take down with a shot to learn when you should hit the minions.

Remember to keep farming even when the game has progresses very far on as an item advantage will always help you in the long run.

3. Learn your limits

Always remember to teleport back when low on health or even mana. If you fie you give the other team gold. If you have not seen one of the people that you usually lane against in a while, back away because he may be preparing to attack you from behind. Do not risk your lufe over a couple of minion kills. If an enemy is next to the minions and you do not know if you can beat him, back away. Minion kills are less important than your life.

4. Alert Your Team

If you see someone from your lane start to run down to mid do not just leave your team mate to possibly die. Warn him about the incoming danger so that he can prepare. Communication is key in this game. If you have not seen an enemy in a while, say ss because that is a signal that someone is missing and it will alert others on your team which may reduce deaths for your team.

5. Abilities

Learn what order your abilities go in so that you do not even have to think when you are in the heat of the moment. You know that your W will get you out if situations or that your E will deal lots of damage. A couple of seconds can mean the difference between living and dieing. Aleo, learn what ghe other teams' abilities are, and even the other people on your teams' abilities so that you always know what is happening in a fight


If you learn these things then you will improve yourself as a player and will help your team to victory.


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