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League of Legends Terms Guide - LoL Terminology

Updated on July 24, 2013
League of Legends Terms for Beginners
League of Legends Terms for Beginners | Source

League of Legends Terms Introduction

Welcome to the LoL lingo guide! I am going to list down all the terms that is often used in League of Legends.

LoL Terminology for Champions

Here are some of the common terms used by players:

AD Carry - Stands for Attack Damage Carry. This is by far the most popular roll people like to play. Basically, these champions do the most damage by using auto-attacking later in the game with damage dealing items. Miss Fortune, Ashe and Zed are some examples just to give you an idea. Often times they dish a lot of damage but are rather squishy. That can be changed by buying health items.

AP Carry - Stands for Ability Power Carry. These are usually mages with plenty of burst damage and are capable of killing you quickly with spells. Some examples are Veigar, Annie and Katarina. They are rather squishy as well.

Tanks - They are your high health meat shields. Their role is to absorb tonnes of damage from the enemy team so that their AD/AP carry can dish out the damage. They specialize in lasting longer in battles. Some examples are Volibear, Olaf and Cho'gath.

Bruiser - They are hybrids that can survive tough battles and also deal some damage at the same time. They are your front line fighters. Some examples are Riven, Xin Zhao and Wukong.

Support - They specialize in protecting ally champions and making sure those squishy AD/AP Carry survive in tough team fights. Their job is to keep the team alive and help out in team fights. This is often the least popular role for public players as they often get the worst kill score.

Jungler - These guys are your roamers that get experience by killing neutral creeps in the jungle of the map. They specialize in helping any lanes if they need help. He usually roams around the map. This is usually the reserved for advanced players as it does require some practice to become good.

  • Red Buff - This buff is owned by Lizard Elder monster.
  • Blue Buff - This buff is owned by the Ancient Golem.

These buffs give significant damage/side effects boost that will give you an advantage. Save them for your AD/AP Carry or Jungler/Bruiser. Each creep wave has some respawn times. This can be subject to change in the future, but so far, here is it:

  • Baron Nasher - 7 mins
  • Dragon - 6 mins
  • Ancient Golem/Elder Lizard - 5 mins
  • Wolves/Golems - 1 min
  • Wraiths - 30 secs

Counter Jungler - What this means is that you leave 1 creep behind the jungle so that it won't respawn. This is effective when used in the enemy camp.

CC - Stands for Crowd Control. It means that they have skills that can affect more than 1 champion. Their skills are usually area of effect(AoE). Their job is to "control the crowd" of enemy champions to gain an advantage in the fight. An example would Fiddlesticks. He has plenty of AoE skills such as Fear to affect multiple enemies. His ultimate also hurts anyone that is close to him.

Last Hit - This means to last hit creeps to get gold. Basically, you deliver the finishing blow to the enemy creep. It does take some practice to become good at this.
Creep Score(CS): The number of creeps you killed. This tells you how good you are at last hitting creeps.

Ganking - This is the term used for teaming up together with your teammates to kill an opponent champion.

Turret Diving - This means that you become aggressive and attack enemy champions when they are by the tower. This can be a double edged sword that can either work for you or against you depending on the situation.

Turret Hugging - This is the when you stay by your turret and not leave to protect yourself.

Cho' gath is a classic tank.
Cho' gath is a classic tank. | Source
Ashe is your standard AD Carry.
Ashe is your standard AD Carry. | Source

General Game Play Terminology

Here are the stuff that people will say before a game starts:

Top: I am going top lane in the map.

Mid: Middle lane.

Bot: Bottom lane.

Top/Mid/Bot Solo: I want to own that lane myself.

MIA - Champion missing in action. This is usually to inform your teammates on missing enemy champions in their lanes.

Usually, you will want to pay attention to what people call. Sometimes they will throw a hissy fit when you go to their lane when you didn't see their message.


There you have it! I will put more information if I get more and keep you guys updated.

Have you heard of any of these terms?

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    • Hikapo profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from California

      Yea, Freezing is higher level play.

    • JayFS profile image

      Jay Samson 

      4 years ago from Washington

      When I first started League of Legends there was a whole list of terminology that I had to learn. The first time I was wondering why everyone was referring to me as my champion name instead of my username, haha

      There a few terms I don't see that I think would be great for newbies to learn: Juking, Freezing (the lane), and Turtling (under tower). I just recently learned what Freezing was.

    • Hikapo profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from California

      No problem! Thanks for stopping by!

    • UnsungRhapsody profile image


      5 years ago from Houston, TX

      Thanks for this. I'm level 15, and I still hadn't figured out what half of these terms mean. :P


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