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League of legends|Best Ranged ADC

Updated on December 1, 2013

Skin - Rocket girl Tristana


1. Tristana

Right at the start of the game her Q ability helps you to farm, with the addition attack speed given, low mana too very efficient. Later on the W with the refresh after kill and fast cool down R forms a great combo to kill and chase if not damage isn't near enough a shot with E gives the last few drops of blood for the kill. Best ranged ADC for me because of her W, with the refresh add on it just too much for the opponents to handle. TROLLLL!


Skin - Amethyst Ashe


2. Ashe

Op champ and annoying as hell, her auto attacks creates a sound that irritates the opponents lol and put them off. W ability is the most efficient in early game it has a range damage and a wide space to hit great for farming, Q used to slow enemies down for ever as long its turned on after level 6;Q also gives great reliability for R to hit if the enemy is within distance, while E is great in her offensive moment, a good scenario would be enemy escaping using the bush a E will end their journey home. More to explore by you,note you need to be good at timing and experienced at using ADC to able to use Ashe well..

Skin - Soulreaver Draven


3. Draven

Brother of Darius what you do expect, yes strong and scary. Draven has a cool animation his weapon looks amazing, looks even better when he activates Q other than looking good Q gives a massive impact on enemy's health and if you catch the sword on the rebound it refreshes your W for speed this is brilliant to hunt down an enemy, in addition the E hit the enemy out of their path and slow them down for 2 seconds while trying to escape to end it R is optional, R hits once when its fired and hit again after it roles back this gives the double damage which is enough to kill an enemy on low hp whether far or close.

Skin - Mafia Graves


4. Graves

Ability thrilling as the name, Graves give you a great experience of action in game almost like an action movie his E gives him a great advantage to dodge enemy abilities as well as moving through obstacles;also creates time for the enemy to react while he moves around rapidly.

Skin - Resistance Caitlyn


5. Caitlyn

Sniper in LOL her head-shot passive gives great advantage to farm and harass the opponent in the lane phrase, also her Q&W helps her to farm and damage the opponent this gives her a great opportunity to become fed, if she isn't as strong her E will make up the lacking damage in short time, E allows her to slow down the enemy at the same time creating a distance between enough for her to cause some serious damage, to finish off her R will do the trick but the disadvantage is that the ultimate can be blocked off by another opponent and if this is the case E can help her to escape easily by moving back and through obstacles.

Skin - Dragonslayer


6. Vayne

Top class assassin her Q makes her invisible and untargetable for a second and when she appears it's when the enemy is going to suffer, Q is also great for escape adding on E it scares the enemy away and gives her more time to run away. She does not have any fancy abilities or ultimate but her damage satisfy the summoner as her R makes her strong as hell.


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