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Call of Duty: Black Ops "Annihilation" Map Pack Details

Updated on June 25, 2017
leaked promotional photo leaked by forum member
leaked promotional photo leaked by forum member | Source

4 new multiplayer maps and zombies!

According to the Gamespot News, the next Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC map pack will be coming to Xbox 360 on June 28th! What will they call it this time? Apparently according to the source of the leak (a gaming forum member calling himself Steam89) the new DLC will go by the name of the "Retaliation Map Pack" and will feature 4 all-new multiplayer maps and of course, an all-new Zombies level!

Update: Treyarch has officially released the Reveal Trailer for the next DLC to hit Call of Duty: Black Ops. The intel leaked from the Gamespot source had stated the name to be the "Retaliation" Map Pack, but the official name for the third map pack is the "Annihilation" Map Pack. June 28th is still the official release date for the "Annihilation" map pack, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

The names of the new multiplayer maps will be "Drive-In", "Hangar-18", "Silo", and "Hazard", but the name of the new zombies map is yet to be discovered, due to the very blurry image taken by the E3 2011 convention gaming spy! You can tell they took this photo as they walked by the Gamestop booth, probably due to tight press controls.

Of course there are many rumors already going around in the Black Ops forums and everywhere on the Internet, but which rumors hold the most stake?

It could be that the newest map of zombie slaughtering mayhem, will take place on the multiplayer map "Firing Range". Where is the proof? Take a look around the map and you can plainly see that there are signs from the Pack-A-Punch Machine that read "Please Wait", the empty bullet casings all say Tank Dempsey on the bottom, and the strange "Quarantine" signs inside the bathroom and outside the map as well.

There are many other rumors, such as the "Paradise" mentioned by Richtoffen in the map "Call of the Dead" (also the Mega Easter Egg of the map), which if Nicholai's "I guess it's back to the Jungle" rant towards the end of the easter-egg is correct, the next map may very well be in the multiplayer map "Jungle".

The only way to find out what the true story of the "Retaliation" Zombies map is to wait for June 28th to find out! What do you think the next zombie map will be and will it be worth the $15?

Update: The official reveal trailer has been released and with it the name of the new zombies map "Shangri-La" featuring your old buddies Dempsey, Takeo, Richtoffen, and Nicholai. The setting will take place in the jungle paradise of the mythical sanctum of Shangri-La.

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