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Learn How To Fix An Xbox

Updated on July 14, 2010

Saving money wherever you can is always a good idea.  Especially in today’s world where we see expenses raising all around us and the economy is in such a bad state, it is always better to do something yourself when you can.  The Xbox 360 video game system is one of the most popular out there today, but at some point you are probably going to need to learn how to fix an Xbox so you can do it yourself.  All video game systems have glitches and problems here and there, but as long as you learn what to do you can learn how to fix an Xbox quite easily.

 Of course the first step is figuring out what is wrong with your system.  One issue that almost one out of every two gamers has had with their Xbox is the red ring of death.  If you see this red ring you do not worry because it does not mean that your Xbox 360 is permanently damaged.  If the problem is that there is a red ring which is one of the most dreaded Xbox 360 problems, the fastest fix is to check and see if you are still under warranty because if you are you can send your system away and get it fixed for free.

 First you will need a fine tip screwdriver and then you need to start disassembling your Xbox console.  Be very careful as you lift the motherboard up and out, because this is the main part of your Xbox system.  You drop the motherboard and break anything and you are going to see a lot more than just a red ring when you turn it back on.  Snoop the X-clamp then unscrew the heat sink so you have access to the CPU and GPU.

 Always be patient while you are screwing off the tiny parts in the motherboard, so to not dent or snap anything off accidentally.  Now you are going to need to clean the GPU and CPU.  This should be applied gently over the GPU, and be careful that you do not drip it on any other parts of the motherboard.  Applying Arctic Silver thermal compound is the next step and you want to do this gently over the GPU.

 You can find Arctic Silver thermal compound at any basic computer hardware shop.  Once the thermal compound has set you place two nylon washers on each screw.  Now you can start piecing the system back together.  As soon as you turn the system back on and go to play next time, the red ring should be gone.


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