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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 12: The Face-Off, Part 1

Updated on April 15, 2011

The only thing of interest here in this first area is a van that you can drive. Take out all the men.

Get to the next area and destroy a giant crate of a thing to build some sort of thing on the poles. There are some things that look like garbage cans near the booths that should be destroyed, and you can build this weird wheeled thing as well. Pull the two levers, and the small striped posts will retract into the ground. Go ahead and drive the van to that scaffolding thing, and there will be a scanning that will occur, and the gate will be raised.

Take out the bad guys there. Some of them are on higher ground, and can only be done with batarangs. Start destroying some things again. You will then notice that you can update your suit to Glider Batman before you get to the drop-off. You may also notice the spinner. Have Glider Suit Batman stand on the elevator. If you have Robin rotate the spinner, the elevator will go up, and Batman should automatically run to the right. Switch characters, and have Batman glide off to the other side.

In this area, there will be something guarded with laser beams. There is an X on the top of a post that can be targeted with a batarang, and when it is hit, the beams will drop. Pull the lever, and Robin can now come over. What you have to do is go back to the van, get in, and then drive the van on that one blue area, and the gate to the next area will open wide.

Don’t go just yet. You may notice at the gate that there are five striped posts. Go ahead and hop on each of them. They will all sink down, but they won’t stay down. Fortunately, it will not matter if they stay down. Hoping on all of them will cause the First Canister to appear.

After taking out all the bad guys there, what needs to happen now is to drive the dollar sign van on a dollar sign mark, and a stand will explode. Rebuild it into a suit upgrade to a Robin Magnet suit. There is a magnet area in the corner, but don’t take it yet.

Instead, go all the way to the right and use the batrope area to get the Second Canister.


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