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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 27: Little Fun at the Big Top, Part 2

Updated on October 26, 2008

Also in this one area is a turbine generator that Joker can use. Too bad you don’t have the Joker. Yeah, this is another one of those “save it for Free Play” things.

You should also take the time to take out the glass top bowl with the sonic ray, and then smash it to reveal a batrope area. Take out the red window pane with a batrope, and then use the rail to climb in and grab the First Canister.

Robin can build a batrope thing up there, and both of them can go to the next side. Smash things up a bit, and you may notice Hostage 7/25 in one area.

Now, go ahead smash everything, just to get coins. You definitely want to go to the thing with the bell on top, and get Robin on one side and Batman on the other. You will ring the bell, and earn a purple stud for 10,000 extra.

Go on and smash some picnic tables to get a suit upgrade, and then use Robin’s Attracto Suit to pick up the excess waste. Go to the Attracto machine in one corner and it will build a ladder to another area.

You may notice a place here with a slide and a canister. Just walk into the tower itself, and you will be transported to the top, where you will have the Second Canister.

You then need to go to one area and continually go to the right. There is some glass here, but I found that I wasn’t able to shatter it. I think the purpose of this is just to get to another area.

The next area you will find easy to get some studs on a castle by blowing out a window and using the batrope.

There is one area with a control panel and a toxic waste pit with toy boats. There is also a bumper car area, but there is no way to get to it except with a super strong character that you don’t have at this point in time.

Smash through the stuff and make a spinner to open the gate. This will be the final area.

This last puzzle bothered me for hours. Defeating Harley Quinn was actually easier than possible. Just go around the circle until Harley gets dizzy, and that is the only time you can beat her. After two hearts are removed, she will send her goons after you.

Go ahead and repeat this process. Smack her then when she is vulnerable. I believe that there is something that needs to happen on the last time, as she tends to flip when you get close to her. Try and run her around one way, then run her around the other way. That seemed to make her dizzy and vulnerable, and soon, she will go down.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Great to see the podcast back! I first saw this video when it first came out when it had 100 views or so. It's a great blatte and the comedy is great, but I thought the Jedi duel could have been a little more epic. Anyway, Nice job! Can't wait for more shows

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      oh my thankyou!!! i was trying for ever to beat her!!! thanks a million!! im saving your page in case for next time


    • profile image


      9 years ago



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