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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 30: In the Dark Night, Part 2

Updated on April 15, 2011

This place is sort of an arcade, and you can get a lot of studs by punching everything. There is a canister in the big fish tank, but there isn’t a way to get to it. There is another canister in this area, but it requires the use of an Attracto Suit to obtain it. You won’t be able to get it now.

The important part is the bar on the left as you enter the room. Destroy some stuff there, and make a batrope. You have to go to the other bar to make the first half of a tightrope. Use the aforementioned batrope to go up to a higher level to make the first part of a tightrope. You then need to walk over that tightrope and plant a patented Demolition Suit Batman bomb on those lights. Destroy both of them, and there is some wreckage from this that will become tiles.

Use the tiles to make a path to something you need to push. There is one of these that has to be assembled from the wreckage strewn about the room. These are levers that have to be pushed against the wall, and when they are set, operate an elevator to the next area.

This next place is a disco, and there is a silver box in the center of the room that can be bombed in order to make a disco ball, as well as some stereo speakers. You should also bomb that statue, and get the Technology Suit upgrade for Robin.

From there, you will notice some lights on the floor. One character has to go to one, while another goes to the other. I found this was more of a pain in the rear than it should have been. Basically, you have to stand on a white lit part, and it will become a red light. The other character will then stand on the other white light to turn it red. I found that the other character just didn’t do this very fast. So you need to move quickly to make your light red, and give you other character minimal distance to get to the next light.

Eventually, all the lights will turn red and the disco floor will open and there will be a robot that will come out. Have Robin go to the control panel and take control of the robot so he smashes the odd assortment of bricks on the wall to the next area.


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      Sunny 5 years ago

      Thanks so much but how do u get past the part with th fire