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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 34: The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal, Part 1

Updated on April 15, 2011

Okay, so you have now finished all the Batman and Robin levels. You may have noticed that there is a lever in the Batcave that will take you to Arkham Asylum. This is taking the elevator on the left side, and then going all the way to the right. You should be able to pull a lever here and get to the Arkham Asylum levels. Go ahead and go to the left and you will begin the missions from the villains’ point of view.

Now, you will enter a new realm of evil. Go ahead and start off at the Riddler’s Revenge level. You will notice that ClayFace is a super-strength character, so he can move anything with an orange handle. Behind one of these things is the First Canister.

Go ahead use him to destroy some of the stuff, and rebuild a lever. The lever will open a window, and now the Riddler can use his mind control on the guard to make him spin a spinner that will open a nearby door on the right.

In this parking garage, there are some things to smash. After getting rid of the bad guys, you should have ClayFace jump up to the next levels on both sides and get a few treats. You should also get into a car and smash the booth in the lower right corner. The Second Canister will appear on the top of it.

As for that other canister that is floating in the air. There is a white van-like vehicle that is parked over to the left, that can be dragged over to the middle of the parking garage. Move it as far as you can move it, and Clayface can climb on the top and jump off to get the Third Canister.

There is a heavy truck on the opposite wall that Clayface can move. Pull the dual levers, and go through the doors on a dual pressure pad. This will cause an elevator to go up to an entirely new area.

This next area involves going to the left. There is a canister here, but you won’t be able to get it. All you need to do is have Clayface jump onto a railing, and this will cause that area to become a platform that he can jump on. He can then jump to a fire escape, and then to the left for a large jump to grab onto a ladder.


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    • profile image

      travis 5 years ago

      how to beat it

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      23yearoldnerd 6 years ago

      I can't figure this out, ha ha.

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      Natalie 6 years ago

      Ehh it's ok

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      Jacob 7 years ago

      This was a big help. My mom helped me find it! :)

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      luther  7 years ago

      this is no help

      how to beat the level

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      Gimmy 7 years ago

      it was great but i couldnt find what i looking for

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      jacob110 8 years ago

      i read all of part 1 for nothing!

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      maria 8 years ago

      this web page dont show nothin this is stupid

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      jorje 8 years ago

      where is part 2?

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      jose 8 years ago

      this sucks

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      Jonathon 9 years ago

      THanks for the help!