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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 35: The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal, Part 2

Updated on October 26, 2008

This ladder will enable the two to get to the next area, but he should burst the red window to get the purple stud inside. There are two other canisters, but you won’t be able to get them until Free Play.

In this new area, there is one place in the corner that has quite a few vehicles. Clayface needs to toss them aside and drag the last vehicle by the big pressure point located near a pile of trash.

Riddler needs to use his mind control powers on a person in the upper left corner, and make him pull a lever. You may notice another lever there to the right, but you won’t be able to pull it at this time. A crane will move a big mechanical leg thing into place on the vehicle on the pressure pad. After smashing everything around it, the parts can be used to make a wrecking ball crane.

Smash through the gate on the right, then keep going until you smash through another one. There will be some smashable stuff on the right in the form of some strong pillars, and once those are smashed, a hatch with a lid will be revealed. Use Clayface to remove that lid, and a new area will be found.

The first thing you will notice is a railing on the left, which can be used to reach a railing on the right, then a railing on the left, then a railing in the center which will have the Fourth Canister.

When you get to the corner, you can wreck a phone booth to build a ladder. Use this ladder, and build the thing on the top to make a tightrope. Make the tightrope and get to the other side with the statue. You may pass by a canister here, but you won’t be able to get it until Free Play.

Riddler needs to use his mind control on a guy inside so he can make him wreck stuff, most notably a shelf that will cause the statue to fall and break into pieces. These pieces can be reassembled into a bomb. Use the car to wreck the silver statue there and you will have the detonator for the bomb. Don’t use this bomb just yet.

If you look in the corner by the car, you will see some barrels, which faintly conceal the Fifth Canister. You should also take the car and ram into the gate, there is the Sixth Canister in there.

Hit the plunger on the bomb, and this will get you to the next level.


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      te rongo-pai 5 years ago

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