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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 56: Biplane Blast

Updated on October 27, 2008

In one corner, there appears to be a water tower. Shoot it, and there will be a 1/10 registered on it. As you may of guessed, this is one of ten water towers that have to be blasted before you get a canister, but that isn’t possible here. For the sake of not wasting space, I won’t mention the water towers again until the Free Play level.

There is also an area where bombs will be revealed, and the Joker’s copter can take one and move it to the obstacle that is blocking the next zone.

There is also some helicopter in the midst of a few towers that you need to shoot before it leaves that area. If you don’t do that in time, that’s it, sorry.

There is also an object that the Joker can latch onto, and a tower will fall. The First Canister is there.

There is something here that can give missiles to Scarecrow, which can be used to take out a giant missiles launcher, which will conveniently malfunction and destroy the gateway blocking you from going any further.

There is also a steel window here. If you take the Joker copter back to get a mine, you can blow up the steel window. Three balloons with a Green “J” on them will come out. Shoot them all and get the Second Canister.

In this next area, there are helicopters taking off in the middle of five towers, which are two and three for the canister.

There is also a silver engine that Joker’s copter can take out with a hanging bomb. That will result in the Third Canister.

There is a big gun to take out? And the big clock will have to be taken out as well. From there, you can go to the next area.

Now, there are three Joker spinners that have to be hit just right and they will flip around. When all three of them are flipped, they will expose these things that pop up. Shoot them down and you will have the Fourth Canister.

There is another canister located underneath a shiny building thingy. Go on and use the Joker’s helicopter to get a dragging bomb and take it out to get the Fifth Cansiter.

Take out the last of the five helicopters, and get the Power Brick.

There is a brick wall that has to be taken out, and then the steel gate with a hanging bomb. The guns will need scarecrow’s missiles. This will lead to the final area.

There is a billboard you can fly through, which can be done the first time around. It will have the Sixth Canister.

You will need to face a Police Helicopter. You can grab a hanging bomb, and use it on a silver engine. A gun will come up, and the Scarecrow can take it out with a Missile. This will shoot the Police Helicopter. Repeat again, and then shoot the helicopter the rest of the way.


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    • profile image

      bob 5 years ago

      I stil cant find it.

    • profile image

      pokefreak 5 years ago

      how do you beat the police battle helicopter


    • profile image

      AndyB-G 7 years ago

      Mark, i'm so frustrated Exactly WHERE is the canister underneath the shiny building thingy you mentioned? Where is the building thing?