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Lego Indiana Jones Game 73: Ancient City Bonus Levels, Part 1

Updated on April 8, 2013

There is so much to do here, as you must get 1,000,000 coins. There are several areas that have to be dealt with, I will detail them here. Let’s start with just destroying everything in sight, for that goes without saying.

Let’s start with the immediate area. You will find a crocodile swimming around in a tiny pool. If you destroy all around that pool, you will find materials that will help you build a flying machine. You won’t be able to use it, but it is good for coins.

There is a bus stop sort of thing that is on the tracks, with three hooded men in white. You can blow it up by turning into a character with explosives.

Follow the train tracks and you’ll come to an area where a car is parked. Assemble some pices into a stack and destroy them. Turn the green and red crank to reveal a whole room full of statues, and destroy them as well. You will find a blue box that you can fill with a bunch of little transparent Lego pieces, and you will be able to pick up that box. Put it on the mine car, and then find the torch and use it on the end to light a fuse. The mine car will speed into the end, and give lots of coins.

In the upper right corner of the room, you will need to blow everything away. You will find some weird plant pieces that can’t be destroyed. You will need to lift them and put them in a chopper machine, but I don’t see any coins rewarded here. Even if you pull the nearby lever, the reward is a limitless supply of bottles.

There is a solider station that you want to use in order that a red door may be open, and coins will be found.

There is a fan in the corner here that you can use to blow away some dust to reveal the a shape that looks like the Temple of the Grail (it’s actually Petra). Keep turning it to reveal the Lego logo on another wall.

If you use some explosives before the Temple/Petra building, you will find that the floor is explosive, and you can walk into the building itself. It may not look like it, though. Go in and get all the coins that you can.

You will need to complete construction on the Lego billboard, and the tiles are right there.


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    • profile image

      Cyndy  7 years ago

      when enter the bonus level the anicient city on the indiana jones the orignial adventures. after I go in there to the anicent city how do I exit without loosing my money or how to unlock to warehouse level