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Lego Shuttle: Star Wars Set 8036 Separatist Shuttle

Updated on May 26, 2012

One of the best Lego shuttles that you can purchase for your collection is the Separatist shuttle. This shuttle is Lego model number 8036. It is a recreation of Nute Gunray shuttle that you can see on the clone wars television series. In the episode, that clearly defines the shuttle you will see that Nute Gunray flew to the mystical planet of Rodia. Nute Gunray was on a mission to try and entice and recruit the planets leader Onaconda Farr. Onaconda Farr was actually an old friend of Padme Amidala’s. Of course, Nute Gunray was on a revenge mission in that he hoped to be able to trap Padme for participating in the battle of Naboo. She was queen at the time, and was able to successfully defend her planet from the separatist shuttle.

This Lego shuttle set contains over 259 pieces and is selling for around 30 dollars. Which 30 dollars is a great price, for this limited edition Lego Shuttle set. It also comes with a set of exclusive mini figurines that will only be available with this Lego Shuttle set. The five different mini figurines that you receive with this shuttle are two regular battle droids. These Droids are the newest version from Lego they are the ones that allow the figurines to hold a gun properly. The other battle droid is a pilot battle droid that comes in having a blue torso and a piece that is not the regular tan color for battle droids. The exclusive mini figurine of Nute Gunray is available for the first time. He is rarely seen in any of the Lego Shuttle Sets, and his last appearance was over 10 years ago. He may not be seen again for many years so as a collector make sure you get this set. The color and detail that Lego houses to bring him alive is brilliant. He is the exact representation of his onscreen clone wars character. They really bring the detail of this character out right down to the ceremonial head piece that he is wearing. There is one other rare figurine that comes with this set, and it is the Rhodian Senator Onaconda Farr.

The Separatist shuttle that is in the package is fairly simple but highly detailed for Lego Shuttle. The shuttle is not very weapons heavy because it is more for transporting the higher class figurines. There is an opening on the shuttle that converts to a ramp that will allow Nute Gunray to enter and exit the shuttle at ease. It also features an opening cockpit for the droid pilot. The ship also has landing gear that lowers and rises when in flight or landing.

Over all, this is a great set that has high detail and comes with two very rare figurines. It is a shuttle set that will appeal to a wide base of collectors and casual fans of the Lego Shuttle Series. However, with two very rare characters being included in this Lego Shuttle it will not last long so get yours before it is gone.


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