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Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 7958

Updated on October 31, 2011
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2011
Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2011

Following the success of similar products in recent years, Lego have announced the release of their first Star Wars Advent Calender for the 2011 season. I know for many, it is much too early to be thinking as far ahead as Christmas but I would expect there to be a strong demand for the product and it may sell out quickly. the calender is due for release in August 2011 (but should be available for pre-order from many online retailers already) and the list price is around £25.00UK/$39.99US/$60AUS, although it might be possible to find it slightly cheaper on some sites.

The Lego Star Wars Advent Calender comes in the traditional format with 24x opening Windows.The set totals 266 Lego pieces and is a mixture of Lego Star Wars Minifigures (x9), Lego Mini-Vehicles (x12) and Accessories (x3). The objects in detail are;

SW Minifigures;

Clone Pilot, Tie Fighter Pilot, Chewbacca, Nute Gunray, Zev Senesca (snowspeeder pilot) , R2-Q5, Pilot Battle Droid, Mouse Droid and an Exclusive Yoda in a Santa's Costume.

SW Mini-Vehicles

Tie-Fighter, Slave 1, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, Y-Wing, Republic Gunship, Imperial Shuttle, A-Wing, Snowspeeder, Homing Spider Droid, Republic Cruiser, Dwarf Spider Droid


Weapons Rack (with Weapons), Tool Rack & Christmas Tree.

The Calender was only previously available as a extremely limited promotional edition of 1000 sets at the San Diego 2011 Comic-Con, retailing at $50, but Lego have wisely put it on General Release for the 2011 Holiday Season.

Details of the calender do not appear to be up yet on the Lego website (as of early August) but should appear soon (along with the option to buy). It is showing in stock and available to purchase from @ $39.99) but not yet on European Websites are displaying the calendar for around 34 Euros.

The calender could be a good investment if you are a Lego speculator! the set is already on sale at a premium on eBay and I would imagine the exclusive Yoda Santa Claus will become very desirable for any collector.


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    • kcent247 profile image

      Kieran Clarke 6 years ago from Newton Abbot

      Thanks for the comment Jonathan, I'm glad they're enjoying it, it is a great little SW Lego Set.

    • Jonathan Grimes profile image

      Jonathan Grimes 6 years ago from Devon

      Kids have got this and they love, great hub.