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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 120: Secret Plans, Blue Canister Challenge Level

Updated on April 15, 2011

The first canister is pretty easy to find. Just go to the left and there is the First Blue Canister.

Keep going down the hall, pass the dual lever door and take a turn to the right. There is a door that requires the Sith Dark side of the force to open, but don’t worry about that. The Second Blue Canister is to the left of it. Go and get it.

Keep going to the area where the stormtroopers emerge from, and you will find a Threepio door on the left. Don’t bother opening it, but just get the Third Blue Canister which is located to the left of it.

Once you pass the door with the stormtroopers, go ahead and blow up the shiny thing here as a Bounty Hunter with a Thermal Detonator. You should then drop down into a new area and collect the Fourth Blue Canister.

You will then get to the area with Darth Vader. When he is safely gone, go to the door and jump up to get the Fifth Blue Canister.

Enter into the room from where this door was, and shoot out the panels on the opposite wall. You will have the Sixth Blue Canister all the way to the left.

Once you get this canister, go ahead and become a Bounty Hunter and use the bounty hunter door. Turn when you get to the first hall, and then stop at the Threepio door. Turn into a protocol droid to drop the force field, and claim the Seventh Blue Canister.

Go ahead and turn around and go back to the area with the long hallway. Take out the stormtroopers and go all the way to the end. You should then be in the room where you have to push things around to open the door. The Eighth Blue Canister is located in the corner of the room.

You will then get to the room with the claw thing that will drop stormtroopers in a pit. After the bridge is made, get to the other side and then blast a case thing by the door. Go ahead and use the grapple spot and then become a hover character to go left to get the Ninth Blue Canister.

Go ahead and keep running down the hall, and you will soon get to the area that has the bridges you have to build. Turn to the right, and the Tenth Blue Canister is right in the doorway.


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    • profile image

      bob 7 years ago

      how do i get in to the secret room with jabbas face above it?