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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 49: Hoth Battle

Updated on September 29, 2008

Here you play Speeder, so get used to it, because it is difficult to steer and easy to get shot down.

You can shoot the probe droids, and you can shoot the AT-ST. It is better by far to use your tow cable and knock them over. If you can knock over ten of them in this area, you will be awarded the First Canister.

The Second Canister is behind one of the white walls at the end. Blast a barrel behind it, and get it.

You can destroy all the rock formations. What you really need to do is go to one of the mine stations. There are two of them, and both are located near the beginning. Take it all the way to the tunnel, and you will blow open an entrance to the next area.

You will then go into the next zone. You will see two AT-ATs, but they are easy to break down. All you need to do is fire your tow cable, and you can wrap around their legs a few times. They will trip and fall, and you can go to the nearby mine place and use a tow cable to roll a mine to denotate on them.

Go ahead and do that to the second AT-AT, and the path will be cleared to the gray wall. Use a bomb on that gray wall while you’re at it.

Be sure to take out 10 AT-ST walkers while you are in this area. As I recall, I had to look for those. It isn’t like the first area where they are everywhere. You will then have the Third Canister.

When you get to the final wall, you will see a trench. Go ahead and shoot the white barrel with the blue spot on top, and you will have the Fourth Canister.

Go ahead and bust through the gray wall, and you will be in the last area. You will notice two areas here surrounded by rocks. The Fifth Canister is a little to the right as you come in, while the Sixth Canister is to your right some more.

Take out all the probe droids. You will then be asked to take out a whole slew of AT-STs, but just knocking them down is not enough. You need to utterly destroy them or it won’t count. Just shoot them to death.

You will then have to take out two AT-ATs, which I found very hard. You will then have to take out an AT-AT, a few probe droids, and an AT-ST. I found this level a lot easier as the AT-AT was in a better place.

The level will end, you may discover that you have a lack of studs.


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