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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 59: Jabba's Palace, Part 1

Updated on September 30, 2008

Start off by shooting around and get some studs. If you go in front the doors, those weird eye cameras will come out. You will be able to beat the first ones on the ground while jumping and shooting. The other requires building a platform, and jumping to blast it.

When you go in after the door rises, the guards will stop you. Feel free to build that stereo thing, and the pig-like Gamorrean Guards will jam on their “axes”. By the way, the stereo thing can be built and wrecked again to get some studs. Speaking of studs, if you destroy the torches, you can get some extra ones.

The best way to keep the guards from constantly pouring in the rooms is to pull the levers, and the slides that send more in will close up. As you go down the hall, ignore the sludge pit on the right.

Go ahead and go down to the left and get a Bounty Hunter mask. You can throw thermal detonators, so go outside and blow away the two silver areas. One will have coins, and the other will have a grapple spot. You might not be able to make that jump now.

You should go to the bounty hunter door, and it will open up provided your character has a mask on. Go ahead and go up the stairs to the next area.

You will then meet up with Luke, and there is a weird thing that looks like a button that Luke can move with the force. It will become a hatch that will have two blue studs. There is also a box in the corner that has to be made, pushed, and it will explode. A grappler pad will be activated, and you can get the Power Brick. If necessary, go back to that one room and get a bounty hunter mask to enter in to the next room.

This next room is a dungeon area, and there is a lever there that you can use to close off the guards. Feel free to shoot or saber the large box, and reassemble it into a box. Go ahead and use Luke to raise Chewie on the platform on the right side. He will then jump up and open the door to another area, where you can pull a lever to open some doors. Go ahead and blow way the silver rubble with the Thermal Detonator.

Go ahead and assemble this thing in the corner, and shoot it until it lights up. Eventually, it will light up and when you destroy it, it will open up a cave. Go in the cave, turn right, and get the First Canister.


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