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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 7: Mos Espa Pod Race

Updated on September 28, 2008

This is the first of several areas in the Lego Star Wars where you pilot a ship through various obstacles and get some rewards of some type.

Personally, I don’t really like these levels, because it is difficult to get the rewards. In some cases, if you miss them, you won’t have the opportunity to go and get them.

Fortunately, the race is three laps, so you should be able to get the rewards if you missed them the first or second times. For this reason, I didn’t really put the canisters in any particular order, as it is easy to miss some things. Almost all of the canisters can be obtained in this level, with only a few to go back to Free Play for.

Listed below are all the rewards that you should be able to get. You should be able to find most of these, if necessary, redo the race. In fact, the last lap will force you to beat Sebulba, which involves going over green platforms for an increased boost of speed. Just stall for time until you can get the stuff below.

This goes for obtaining all the studs required for True Jedi Status.

In the race, you will find a cave with Crystals. Go ahead and run into the crystals for some studs. The First Canister will be right in your path.

The Tuskan Raiders will start shooting. If you stay to the right, you will find the Second Canister.

Keep going until you hit a bunch of poles, and you will find the Third Canister.

Shortly after that, you will hit a power booster thing and you will find the Fourth Canister on the right, underneath an archway.

You will soon come to a ramp, and you can go up it to get the Fifth Canister.

Keep going and you will get to an open valley, and if you stay to the right, you will hit some boosting area, where you can get the Sixth Canister.

Right before you reach the end of the first lap, you can go through a few poles to get the Seventh Canister.

Eventually, you will come to a Rocky area, and after a Boost Pad will be the Eighth Canister.

Just before the drop off, you will come to the Ninth Canister on the right just as you come to it. Go ahead and get it.

You will soon get to an area with a lot of holes in it. On the left side of all of it will be the Power Brick.

The only reward that you won’t be able get at this point is one that requires a TIE Fighter to get, which can only be found on Free Play.

Go ahead and get all the rewards. From here, it is a matter of speed. Just stay ahead of Sebulba and the level will end with you as the winner.


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      yoda 6 years ago

      thanks a lot for the help