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Let's Talk Gaming

Updated on February 28, 2016

Welcome to the Let's Talk Gaming hub!

On this site, there will be at least one new entry every Tuesday and Friday (possibly more) containing anything and everything gaming related anywhere from new releases to company scandals; console or PC; and comparisons to reviews. I read comments daily and try to respond to as many as possible. I hope you enjoy your time here!

Intense Motherboard
Intense Motherboard
ESL ONE Cologne 2015
ESL ONE Cologne 2015
COD: Black Ops 3
COD: Black Ops 3

Comparison Time: Gaming Platforms 2/26/16

Alright, let's be real. We all have that one platform we are die-hard try-hards for. However, we have to acknowledge the pros and cons of all the systems.

First, let's talk about Xbox One. Personally, I do not own an Xbox. However, I do have multiple friends who have one and I have asked their opinions. In terms of graphics, I would personally say that the Xbone does not have the best graphics. That is NOT a deal-breaker though. Its graphics are good enough to play and still have a great time. Whereas the PlayStation 4 has relatively good graphics. I find this very apparent in the Uncharted PlayStation exclusive game. The ps4's graphics are a very large selling point of it. Lastly, we will talk about the PC. Now, everybody knows that PC can have the best or the worst graphics. If you have a large budget for a good computer, you can get high quality gear and have graphic settings very high and very realistic. On the flip side though, if you have a lower end computer, you will need to either turn down graphic settings or deal with the fact that you will be running low FPS.

Social Aspect
Now, everybody says the Xbone has the greatest social networking. I agree with that to an extent. It has a vast community and is the, in my opinion, the most casual system. It is most likely that you would have friends with an Xbone. I would like to point out, though, that in terms of communicating and playing with friends, I feel the PC is the best due to all applications and programs that can link you and your friends together. I am talking about things like Discord, Mumble, Teamspeak, Skype, and the greatly out of style Ventrilo (shout out to anyone who remembers Ventrilo Harassment). AND, they are free. I don't like having to pay $60 to be social for XBOX Live. Same thing goes for PSN. That's not to say that I dislike XBOX Live and PSN. They are both perfectly acceptable networks. However, I feel XBOX Live is better for its connectability and the vast number of people with an Xbone sitting in their living room.

Game Options
My last topic is the games available. Now there are games that are exclusive to certain platforms such as Uncharted (PlayStation), Halo (Xbox), and StarCraft (PC). Then there are games that are available for other consoles but it's uncommon to see people playing them. The main game that comes to mind is Counter-Strike. You need the precision of a mouse and keyboard to have any skill. I feel that one of the main choices in choosing a platform is the games you wish to play. If you want to play Forza or Halo, you're going to get an XBOX; if you want Uncharted or Little Big planet, you're going to get a PlayStation; etc. The site linked below has a list of exclusives for each platform. My personal favorite in terms of game variety is PC due to the shear amount of games available. There are currently 16,725 registered games on steam, and more are being added every second.

My personal favorite Is PC. I really like the feel of a mouse and keyboard. However, when choosing a new system, it's important to see what your friends have, what games you want to play, and the feel of each console. When you're in a game, you have to make a lot of decisions based on how you feel about each option at first look. Sometimes in life, you have to follow those same principals.

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