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Guide to Leveling Fast in Forsaken World: Up to Level 60

Updated on June 9, 2012
Forsaken World
Forsaken World

Ultimate Speed Leveling in Starting Zone

Once your character is created and loaded into game you should start by talking to the NPC in front of you with the golden question mark. In some of the starting zones this will instantly level you to level 2. If it does not level you, continue through the quest line until you do level.

Now that you are level 2 you will have one Shylia's token in your bag. Use this token to purchase a primrose dreamland through the Shylia's market. The Shylia's market can be accessed by selecting the present icon in the top right corner of your screen. The dreamland potions will be located under the 'Favors' tab.

Once you have acquired a primrose dreamland potion use it by right-clicking the item in your bag. Each time you level you will receive more Shylia's tokens. Continue to use these potions to level up until you have used all 5 available to you for the day.

Speed Leveling with Purpose

The above method is the fastest to achieve higher levels. However, you will find that this method eliminates the possibility of finishing many main quests that may cause you to miss out on job points. If you plan on leveling your jobs with your character you should first accomplish all the main, or yellow, quests in the starting zone before using your dreamland potions. This will ensure long term success.

FW Leveling Guide
FW Leveling Guide

Freedom Harbor

Once you have accomplished the above, it is time to find a teleporter and head to Freedom Harbor. Once in Freedom Harbor you should begin doing the quests given by Henry right away. Do all 30 quests your first day.

Dangerous Bounties

New to the Nightfall patch, these dangerous bounties will make leveling a breeze. To pick up your bounty order, teleport to Nightfall Citadel (the red dot on Nightfall Citadel map accessed through trackstones) and talk to the bounty hunter due east from where you port in.

There are two types of dangerous orders; one for characters below level 39 and one for levels 40-60. For the lower level orders you can complete 3 a day. However, one set of these plus the above should push you over 39 in the first day. The orders for levels 40-60 can be used up to five times a day.

These orders will require you to kill 300 level 70+ mobs per order. Although this sounds kind of crazy for one low level character, it is not hard to find a group to tag along with. Many high level characters set up their in-game bots to kill these mobs for their own orders. Some of these characters have their bots set up to accept any party invite. Other times you can world shout for people to help you. Reminding them that having a lowbie in party will increase the amount of soul power each high level gets may encourage them to add you to their parties.

God's Trial

If you are below level 60 you will want to do your God's Trial runs every day. Watch world chat to join a party looking for a lowbie or random que as 'Mentored Only'. This will allow you to get the maximum amount of experience. During a mentored God's Trial, purple crystals will appear every time two mobs are killed. Collect up to 30 crystals per run for insane added experience.

Side Note: GT is also a great place to level your pet so make sure he's summoned.

Afk Training

Whenever you are logging off for the night, set yourself up to afk train through your reputation agent in Freedom Harbor. To make the most of your afk training, grab enough memory lotus to get you through the night. You can also use memory berries and a VIP card to further increase your leveling speed. You will attain a few of these for free. Use these free items to decide if it is worth it to buy more. After you reach level 75 you will likely see the real value in these items as leveling becomes harder and harder.

More Leveling Techniques

  • Consume all of the dreamland potions available to you every day.
  • Run Nightmare Carnival every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • If questing, do main quests only.
  • Use recruitment orders often while under level 60.
  • Recruit mentorees over level 60.


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