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Level Up in Skyrim - Skills

Updated on December 17, 2013

Level Up Skills Quickly in Skyrim

These skills are sprinkled throughout the game. Fortunately, this makes them much easier to level up without even trying. Just by playing the game, these skills should see a substantial boost. However, sometimes your chosen type of character isn't a discrete thief and prefers to charge into combat quickly. Or maybe you don't have time for potion making and prefer to use what you find. There is bound to be at least one of these skill sets left unloved. This guide will provide you with techniques to help gain experience in your neglected skills.


This can be a time consuming skill to level up, but if done correctly, it should be fairly simple to complete. For the first 70 or so levels of alchemy, a simple method can be used. Simply go to Arcadia in Whiterun and buy one level of training from her. Then sneak behind her, cover her eyes with one hand, and pickpocket your money back with the other. If done correctly, this should increase alchemy skill while simultaneously leveling up pickpocket. When you have maxed out your training for your level, buy all of the ingredients she has for sale. Immediately go to the alchemy lab in her shop and make as many of the expensive potions as you can. Wheat and Giant's Toe works very well for this. After using all of the ingredients, sell all you have made back to her. This should allow you to make most of the money you spent back, possibly even making a little profit, depending on the quality of the potions. Whenever possible, repeat this method for any and all merchants selling ingredients. Creating more expensive potions has a greater benefit to this skill and will earn you much more money for each one sold. Once you get to higher levels, you can make a fortune off of potions.



Increasing your level in the smithing skill provides amazing benefits beyond the experience toward the next level. Being able to build newer and stronger armor varieties is a huge perk when trying to prepare for fights against increasingly powerful enemies. The best method to level up smithing involves large quantities of iron and leather. When these materials have been obtained, go to the nearest forge and make as many iron daggers as possible. This can level up smithing extremely quickly when done at lower levels. If one is attempting to raise the enchanting skill as well, having a large supply of daggers available will provide plenty of items to enchant. In addition, the daggers can be sold back to the smiths, typically with only a small financial loss in the entire process. It's a small price to pay when Daedric Armor is the reward.


While this skill will typically be raised naturally by constant use, it is often very annoying to reach a master lock at a low level and be unable to open it. Luckily, there are ways to gain experience in this skill and increase your lockpicking ability. Choose a city of your preference and open all of the locks within its walls. Afterward, leave and wait for 24 in-game hours. Return to your chosen city and you should find that all of the locks have reset. This method can be repeated as often as desired and greatly increases the speed at which you level up the lockpicking skill.


While using the method to level up pickpocket mentioned previously in the alchemy section is very effective, there are other ways to more directly improve the pickpocket skill. The best method for this is to enter an inn at night. When everyone has gone to sleep, attempt to pickpocket them in their beds. Be sure to save beforehand in case you are caught. When someone wakes up to catch you red-handed with their valuables, it can get ugly fast. Pickpocketing in an inn provides many victims with a large amount of available goods. The more expensive the item, the more difficult it is to pickpocket, and the greater the skill boost if you are successful. Also, being able to sell the stolen items to a Thieves Guild fence is a great bonus to your gold stores.


Increasing the sneak skill can require patience and a small amount of concentration. The best way to level up sneak is to go to High Hrothgar and find the Greybeards. Then, crouch behind one that is kneeling and strike him with a dagger. Repeat until the Greybeard is about to attack. When this occurs, simply wait until they kneel again and continue striking them. This technique works well for rapidly increasing the sneak skill. Plus, being able to instantly kill practically anyone from behind makes you fell like a total badass.


Increasing your speech level can have great benefits for trading with merchants. To level up the speech skill, speak with Ungrien at the Black-Briar Meadery in Riften. Then, ask him what he thinks about Maven Black-Briar. Next, choose the text option "Come on, get the truth off your chest." This process can be repeated through an infinite loop and gain valuable experience for the speech skill. Getting your speech leveled up can unlock extremely nice perks for those with an interest in great wealth.

Luckily, many of the above skills will be increased through simply playing the game. Yet, if this doesn't occur, hopefully these strategies will provide you with the boosts you need to level up in Skyrim and gain control over the many encounters you have with NPCs.

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      Dante 3 years ago

      The Speech tip to lv up it's patched, Is there another one?