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Level early in Final Fantasy XII: The Dustia method

Updated on April 5, 2015

Dustia in the bestiary

Finding Dustia and gathering supplies

Final Fantasy 12 is one of my favorite games to play and I stumbled upon a way to level quickly and make the game super easy. I have a level 70 file in which I haven't gone to the Rabanastre sewers yet it's super easy and quick also.First thing you need to do is get as many Phoenix downs as you can which can be purchased from a vendor by the save crystal at the Nalbania fortress Now go to the Western sands when you enter go to the west and eventually you will come to an area where you can encounter the rare game: Dustia The hardest thing to do is you have to lower your HP to 10% of it's maximum use an enemy to do this hitting yourself commonly leads to multiple hits which kill.

Dustia casting Dark

Killing Dustia

Now that you have 10% HP walk into the area just to make sure you have the area it's called: The Corridor of Sand. Walk into the area and Dustia should spawn then quickly run out before he can cast Dark as it will kill. Then walk back in and quickly go to your items and use a phoenix down on Dustia this should kill then run out again then repeat over and over to create a chain. If you don't get out quickly enough Dustia won't able to re-spawn and you will have to go to Rabanastre then go back again to make him re-spawn then. If you make it out quick enough you should start a chain the next time you kill him he will drop items but, make sure to grab them quickly or he won't re-spawn. You can sell the items that you get from Dustia to make more money to buy even more phoenix downs and repeat the method to keep on leveling. Dustia should drop the staff of fire which is most likely stronger then your current weapon; there is only one you can get now that is stronger a katana called Kotetsu check out the hub below to find how to get it. Also this hub should be looked at after you get quite a few levels it's even faster then this method and can be done early but you need to be a high level.

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Did this method work?

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