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Leveling Fast In Aion

Updated on June 1, 2014

Leveling Fast In Aion

Today I am going to show you have you can level fast in Aion online, Aion Online itself has become a massive Mmorpg and is proven popular among all ages and genders. Now if you are new to Aion or are currently playing Aion online and need some help leveling up then you have come to the right place.

The first step to leveling up fast in Aion is using good items mainly your weapons, since the quicker you kill mobs the faster your complete quests and get kill exp from the mobs. Knowing this you should be using extraction kits on lots of items that you pick up that you are not going to need or use.

You can buy extraction kits from the NPC vendors use them on spare items to get upgrade items to use on your main weapon. You are looking to have at least a +5 weapon at all times which is not hard to achieve, At +5 the extra damage you will do to mobs will be a massive help allowing you to breeze though quests.

Some levels you will find that you have no Quests to do which means you are going to have to grind your way to your next level, Get in a group and grind if you can this will make the grind much faster and you might meet some useful friends along the way.

Kinah helps a lot of you are looking to level super fast although it is hard to get a decent amount when you constantly upgrading your gear. The quests kinah is not so great but should get you though, Make sure you do not RMT any Kinah since these days NCsoft have been coming down hard on RMTers and perma banning their accounts.

I am not sure if you noticed but quests are the best way to level fast in Aion, By knowing every quest and what you need to do in every quest you will make your leveling in Aion a load easier, I reccommend you get a Aion quest guide so you will know everything there is about quests for your race. Some of the quests in Aion are long and detailed and sometimes hard to understand what you have to do to complete it.

To avoid all the confusion get a Aion quest guide a step by step walkthough will make leveling in Aion fun and not annoying because sometimes it can be a nightmare.


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