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Basic tips and Strategies for League of Legends

Updated on November 23, 2014

The basics:

There are plenty of guides talking about how to jungle/play champions or other specifics for League of Legends. But there are fewer guides on proper teamplay and general strategies that can be employed by most/all champions in most/all games. In effect, I will be covering the things I wish I had known when I was starting this game.


  • Last Hitting. By far the most important thing to understand. Last hitting means only attacking a minion when you can kill it. If you attack them normally you get fewer minion kills (and thus less gold) and push your lane. If you push your lane you are more likely to get ganked. You also will lose opportunities to kill minions as they get too close to the enemy tower. Lastly, you lose the opportunity to kill their champions as they will be close to their turret. In effect, it's dangerous and it gets you less gold.
  • EXP Starving. This often goes hand in hand with properly last hitting. EXP starving is when you hold their champions back behind the point where they receive EXP for dying minions. If you only last hit and the enemy minions push your lane, but you are stronger than your opponent, you can hold them back while the enemy minions kill friendly minions. Certain champions are better at this, such as ones with good harassment skills like Zilean's bombs or Mundo's cleaver. (If you still can't visualize this, the enemy minions will be fighting ally minions behind you, and closer to your turret, while you push enemy champions back to their turret.)
  • MIA: Always call MIAs to prevent your team members from getting ganked. This is very basic and very essential.
  • Wards. Wards are essential, you need to understand what your opponent is doing so you can respond. At the minimum always keep dragon warded. Dragon is critical as it gives a lot of gold, so make sure to keep it warded and look for opportunities to safely kill it. It may be a wise idea to get a vision ward that can see enemy wards and use it before you do dragon or baron. Furthermore, it is smart to ward areas where enemies may be coming to catch you while doing dragon or baron so you know in advance.
  • Top is solo lane. Also another basic, if your team has a jungler, the top lane is for a solo. This allows bottom lane to cover dragon.
  • Don't leech EXP from your jungler. Jungling is on a very fine line, if you leech EXP from them, they may not reach the level they need to finish their route. Which will snowball into a screwed game for them as they may fall behind.
  • Team composition. The standard team composition is one ability power carry, one attack damage carry, one tank, one jungler, and the last spot can sort of be whatever might complement your other champions. Preferably some sort of support.
  • Mobafire. Use it to check your builds.
  • Tier 3 Runes: Ignore tier 1 and 2 and save up to buy tier 3 runes. It doesn't take long to get to level 20 and lower tier runes don't have a huge impact anyway. The slight disadvantage you face without tier 1 and 2 runes in low levels is less than the advantage you gain by being able to stock up on tier 3 runes immediately at level 20.
  • Understand your opponent's champion and their skills. Never engage unless you know what they could do! Furthermore, always check their summoner spells as well. If they have ghost and flash, they may not be a good target. Or if they have exhaust and ignite, it may be dangerous to engage. Understand what they can do to you. If you don't know, simply ask, 'hey guys, what's XXXXX's ultimate?'

There are some basic ideas to follow. A large portion of League of Legends extends beyond individual skill and on to smart decisions and good communication.


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    • profile image

      stranger 6 years ago

      thanks for the tips, just started playing yesterday, no clue as to what i was doing lol


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