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Life as a Guild Leader - My Family

Updated on May 10, 2013
The Burning Crusade - Illidan
The Burning Crusade - Illidan | Source

My guild “Souls of Darkness”, in the game World of Warcraft, had finally become my in-game family. However, with a family, there comes drama. I was married when I made my guild, I won’t go into detail but it wasn’t the ideal marriage for me and I wasn’t happy. So, not long after the guild was created, we started going through a divorce.

When ‘Souls of Darkness’ was created my ex-husband had brought quite a few members into the guild and he had made a lot of friends, just like I had. So, naturally when we were going through the divorce the guild wasn’t very happy. I was the one who initiated the divorce and I was the one who had to find alternative living situations. With having to find a new place to live I wasn’t able to play the game enough. I explained to my guild that we were going through a divorce and that I would not be online as much as I would like to be, that they needed to keep things going in my absence.

Anyone that has gone through a divorce can understand the stress that I had to deal with the divorce alone, not to mention everything that my Ex was throwing at me in the middle of it. Between coming up with the money, finding a new place to live, and the court date I was at my wits end. I was unemployed during my marriage, so I also had to try and find a new job after the divorce, which in this economy isn’t exactly easy. All the stress was building up and was getting the best of me. However, I was always able to lean on somebody; my guild mates. There were so many of them that were supporting me through everything, they made it so much easier on me. Even if they weren’t sure what to say, they were there to listen to me and hear what I had to say, when no one else would listen.

I was torn down by so many of my real life family and friends about my divorce that I felt horrible. Many of my family members looked down upon me. I even had an old friend of mine tell me that I was stupid, making the biggest mistake of my life, and was a disgrace to her … I haven’t spoken with her since that night. Even though my real life friends and family talked badly to me about my decisions, my in-game friends supported me 100% and helped me in every way possible. Some even provided me with a place to sleep when I had nowhere else to go! Since my divorce I have met a wonderful man, that I actually met in my guild, but that's a story for another time :). I've been able to successfully lead my guild through raids and achievements, and I've never been happier in my life.

If you are in a guild, does it feel like "home" or a family to you?

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People may talk badly about video games and say things like, “It’s just a waste of time! You should be out in the sun… not in a virtual world!” But for me… this video game introduced me to the love of my life, a man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. This game also showed me that you don’t have to be afraid to be yourself. You don’t have to be anything you aren’t for people to like you. I found people that could be my friends because of my personality and how I treated them, not because of how I looked on the outside or how much money I had. I found out that there are truly compassionate people that care about you and your well-being... you don’t see too much of that anymore.

MIsts of Pandaria
MIsts of Pandaria | Source


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    • missa72542 profile image

      Melissa White 5 years ago from Arkansas

      :) Glad you liked it. My guild is over a year old now, actually in january it will be 2 years. I've met sooo many good people and hope to keep them in my life for a long time.

    • LostInRevery profile image

      LostInRevery 5 years ago from Maine

      I really enjoyed reading your hub. I too went through something similar. I was in the middle of a nasty divorce and unemployed. The game and the friends I made in it helped me cope through the stress. I am so happy you met someone that shares your same interests. Great hub! I look forward to reading many more :)