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Light Side Guide - A Personal Journey into Star Wars The Old Republic Gaming

Updated on February 26, 2013

Female Trooper - Nadie

I love Jennifer Hale's voice, so Trooper is one of my favorite toons. The story for trooper is more interesting than knight's but slightly less intriguing than smuggler.

This is the only story line I've completed so far.

My trooper is level 50 finally. She's just chilling in a cantina until the expansion comes out.

First Toon - Jedi Consular -Sage

So far, I'm level 45-ish (name is Rela), but I started playing this toon only with a friend, so she levels faster but not every day. The game is worlds easier with a friend, by the way.

The Consular class is mainly a shoot from afar sort. Your lightsaber skills are pretty much negligible, but you get to chuck rocks at people. One special ability lets you conjure a piece of duracrete or rock - environment depending - and hurl it at your target. Another ability lets you create a mini-storm of pebbles to pelt your enemies with. There's something satisfying about creating a storm then smack the cowering foe with a large rock.

Ha, finally learned the healing powers. However, I've been gaming with a knight and that class gets a healer called doc later in the game (level 30 ish) so my healing hasn't been needed much.

Still haven't tried the pvp yet. Never was much of a fan of that. I always cared more for the story in RPGs, even MMORPGs.

Link to the Youtube trailer for Classes

I'll admit that the beginning of the classes trailer kind of stinks, but it should be a nice overview of the classes available. It does tell you what to skip to if you don't like the beginning, that's helpful.

The Old Republic Status

Where do you stand on the issue of playing The Old Republic?

See results

Jedi Knight - Sentinel - Teven

Knight has the most ridiculous storyline that I've experienced so far. You run into a baby sith lord pretty early and kill him, ticking off his father rather nicely. Then you go about your merry way chasing one superweapon after another. Maybe it's just too predictable.

I kind of knew the storyline because I was playing with a friend, so I got to see some of the cutscenes even though my own knight was a youngin'.

I think he's about 37 ish at the moment. I'm almost through Balmorra.

The voice actor is pretty decent, but there's nothing remotely impressive about the storyline, so my interest wanes.


Arguably the best story so far, though I will admit that I'm only level 28 ish on this toon. I have a male smuggler, and he's got some great lines.

He seems to have an easier time in taking on grouped enemies than something like a knight.

At level 10, I went gunslinger. It's got a nice range of shooting powers.

I don't always play this guy but he's a nice break from the others.

Companion Commentary

Corso Riggs is decent. He's good at distracting at least one of the foes while you waste the others. His lassoing power-whatever it's called-is pretty awesome unless you are currently fighting that guy and he gets yanked away from you.

Kira Carsen is one of my favorite companions. Her comments while fighting are amusing. I might just be lousy at distributing powers for my knight, but Kira seems to be able to kill guys faster than my guy. If I was giving companion awards, I'd probably grant her the best personality.

Qyzen Fess is pretty boring but he's excellent at being a tank. It's a good fit for a consular. He holds them in place and can take quite a few hits while I stand back and pelt the baddies with pebbles or heave slabs of wall/floor/ground.

Elara Dorne has the best accent and her healing is definitely helpful. After Taris, she's definitely best bet for a trooper's companion.

Aric Jorgan is an okay beginning companion for a trooper, but I have to admit I dropped him pretty quickly when Elara became available as a companion. He can probably do more damage than Elara but he doesn't heal.


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