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Little Playground of Horrors Minecraft Survival Map

Updated on September 22, 2011

I've seen a great many minecraft survival maps in my time, but not a single one that places you in an oversized and overgrown children's playground in which the innocent laughter of children has been replaced by the groan of the zombie and the hiss of the creeper.

Unlike other survival maps, which set up scarcity as the barrier to success, Little Playground of Horrors actually provides quite a few starting resources for the player. There's nothing in your inventory, but there is bounty all around you in the form of wild grass and giant mushrooms. Here's hoping you like mushroom soup, because you're going to be eating quite a lot of it in your time in the playground. Sugar cane is also plentiful.

The structures provide a good base for beginning players, and they also provide something to cannibalize if you get desperate for materials.There's a bunch of iron in the fort / slide and there's also plenty of wood and wool that's been used in the construction of various structures.

To run over the structures:

A large pink dog. Standard fare for any playgro und, I think you'll agree.

Ponds of water. Potentially useful for fishing if you can stand still long enough without being harmed by something terrible and nasty.

The fort. The only piece of equipment in the map actually made 'normal sized', the fort is the perfect place to get a good aerial overview of the situation as it stands, which will almost always be bad.

The twirly whirly. Covered in vines, this was probably fun once. Now it's a bitter reminder that everyone who once enjoyed the place has been eaten by slimes. Or something.

The swing set. Also covered in vines, it begs the question, Notch, why haven't you introduced hinges yet?

The sandpit. Equipped with a bucket twelve times larger than you are, the sandpit holds treasure, if you can be bothered taking the time to dig it up.

Obsidian dome. We could call this a climbing frame, but I'm pretty sure it's just somewhere dark for monsters to spawn absolutely uncontrollably.

Escaping the playground is difficult because of the bedrock walls that stymie attempts to dig under them. Going over the top is an option of course, but then again, it is a very long way down once you do that and well, it seems to rather go against the spirit of the map, which is running around screaming whilst aggressive mobs spawn all around you.

Download the Little Playground of Horrors Minecraft Survival Map


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